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Welcome to MinecraftCC

A Family Friendly Minecraft Community
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MinecraftCC was founded as a family friendly server in 2010, and that continues to this day. Many of the players on the server have been around for years, and there really is a feeling of community on the server. Players are generally friendly and helpful, and new players are made to feel welcome.

We use a strong chat filter to keep the chat g-rated, and our moderators have a variety of tools they can use to stop bad behavior before it can ruin the experience for the other players.

Players can claim land and protect it. Players can send an alert asking for help from any staff online, or enter a ticket if no staff is available. There are also many fun/useful commands players can use while in game. See the wiki entry on commands for a more complete list.

There are many different worlds and different modes available for you to choose from. See the worlds entry in the wiki for more information about what we have available.


  1. Codingale @ Codingale:
    I know I'm late but wish you well also!
  2. MrTitan9 @ MrTitan9:
    Hope you heal
  3. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    I hope you heal MsRR
  4. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    Wow... Prayers for you, MsRRowdyRedhead!
  5. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
  6. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Something happend to my bank. It is empty? Help!
  7. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Well, power is finally back on... hope everyone is keeping warm!!
  8. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Is there anybody out there?
  9. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thank you for sharing 2020 with me. It's been an amazing and astounding year! Each and everyone of you are a part of my cozy neighborhood. I am looking forward to creating many more memories, sharing hopes and dreams in 2021 Wishing you health, happiness, peace, love, and harmony.
  10. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Happy New Year! Any idea as to when my public warp application will be looked at?
  11. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Merry Christmas!!! Tidings of Comfort & Joy!
  12. PD400 @ PD400:
    Just got my 9 year one which is crazy to me. Glad im starting to reconnect with everyone :)
  13. Hudy @ Hudy:
    I'm a month from mine :redface:
  14. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
    I just got a 10 year trophy, thats crazy.
  15. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
  16. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
  17. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Server is hooked up to gigabit fiber connection now so... yay...
  18. bmlzootown @ bmlzootown:
    pew pew
  19. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thank You!
  20. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Sorry to hear about your son's exposure. I hope he doesn't come down with it. Your family is in my thoughts.
  21. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
  22. maria12726 @ maria12726:
  23. LuxuryWafer @ LuxuryWafer:
  24. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thanks, Crypto!
  25. crypto4coin @ crypto4coin:
    Hi Ms, best of luck with you and yours in the interesting times we live in.

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