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    Time sure does fly

    I started in 2010 and now just casually check it out. Anyone else remember the small RPG game about the server PD400 was making? I can't find it anymore. This community has grown and shrunk and changed so much from when I first joined. It'd be interesting to try and get a real timeline of...
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    Minecraft CC Achievements.

    Lets bring this back around. I think Sgt Spike's list is a good start. Lets implement just a base achievement system. Something easily trackable and I think having tangible awards *like voting for the server gives you elytra, something positive and useful but not to gain an unfair advantage*...
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    What Would You Do If?

    Become KING OF THE THUNDERDOME! WWYDI this thread got locked?
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    Mods. We need to have a talk about the chat filter.

    Currently speaking we can't use the words lag, or Growth on the server..... Its very odd to me the words that are banned when others are allowed.
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    Old Minecraft Server Maps Downloads

    Are these still being seeded? Need to look at the old Build spawns. Any chance of getting build 2 or earlier on there?
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    Random thread xD

    It was show about a female bunny and her semi-mute, invalid little brother. He would make messes, she would clean them up. Everybody would scratch their heads wondering why CPS was never called on their absent, emotionally withholding parents. Its truly astonishing that Max is functioning on...
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    Curious behavior with the lock signs

    Fascinating! Thanks <33
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    Curious behavior with the lock signs

    So, being a total loser at this game, I don't use lock signs or PStones or anything like that. However, someone near me placed a block and locked the block with a sign. I played around with this block and here are some of the curious things I've found. If you place a block underneath the...
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    Get paid to play Minecraft! THE PROGRAM HAS ENDED.

    Do you have any further plans for server monetization? With our current server setup, how much of does it cost monthly to run?
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    Are we EULA Compliant?

    Just talking about the history. I got a little senile and started reminiscing. Perfecto thanks!
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    Forum Statistics

    Me too :(
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    You're cute. But don't tell anyone I said that. They might get jealous.

    You're cute. But don't tell anyone I said that. They might get jealous.
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    Are we EULA Compliant?

    We should probably go ahead and unsticky and remove this thread ----> Possibly remake the thread with up to date perks and what not. Many people seem to be confused about the Portal Gun that happened for a moment...
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    Are we EULA Compliant?

    Truthfully, the serve population isn't huge enough to cause concern for Mojang. They are supposed to send a letter to the Server Owner letting them know they will be blacklisted if they don't comply, then about a week later the ban takes place. As far as I can tell, you can implement server...