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    A better way of fixing the server when it breaks!

    On connection one should get this packet from the server: ... 80x02.29_2 should be pretty trivial to code something up.
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    A Few Suggestions

    wood versions? Can't spring for iron? Not even stone?
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    minecart track donation boxes

    You keep calling it I93.. You from Massachusetts?
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    He's mad i say!

    I was just looking at one of your structures last night, Dr. the big colleseum looking thing with the alternate water/lava stripes. Wuz vurry perty
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    Making your server lag less (by tuning Java settings)

    That thread looks promising!
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    A look at the server...

    I'd take a hard look at running it on a linux machine as well. Myself and I'm sure others in the community can help. The amount of linux-y stuff you'd have to do to get a MC server running on it is minimal.
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    check your router?

    My Asus RT.N16, whiel it might suck at 802.11n, handles crazy amounts of sockets. If you also want amazing wireless at home, the Buffalo Nfinty review REAL well ... t-reviewed. Also, you could blame or elimate the router by connecting only the server to...
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    A look at the server...

    Yeah, it might sound simple to enable multi threading in a program. But remember, this is already a large program and multi threading is NOT easy to do just righ.t
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    check your router?

    Spike, what kind of router are you using for the server? I wonder if that might be one of the problems with lag.
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    A Thought: host on Amazon EC2

    Yeah, I just threw it out there. Also, EC2 would have an on going cost...yours, more incremental-one-time purchases. Either way, the server seems to be running smooth with about 15 folks on it.
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    A Thought: host on Amazon EC2

    There's a thread outlining setup, costs and performance of running a MC server on the amazon "cloud" platform. ... 10&t=41077 Don't know how/if we could do that with such a big playerbase though.
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    Ores-R-Us Trading Box!

    You still need Iron?
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    Poll: How long between map resets?

    I voted for only-when-needed. Twice. ;)
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    Welcome, Matt Mean Lo! Did I guess it right? ;)
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    How to mine

    Wow THAT is a heavy read. I tend to mine in parallel branches. Make one long main tunnel out. go to the right or left, until I'm bored, Step back *3* blocks, tunnel back to main vein. this way I can see all the block at least on one side or the other. Like this: ..........#...