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    The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm

    Hey Miner Bill! Honestly this counts as communal effort in my books as you've solved a greater problem for community. I wasn't really sure how to properly do that part and I'm not sure if anyone else did which is half the reason we were stuck q.q Thank you for taking that on!!
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    Shoutbox Log

    ♡ I would love to make a bee farm when we update! One of the things im most excited for
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    Shoutbox Log

    I am so excited for those chonky little things
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    Shoutbox Log

    You guys seen the bumblebees??
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    Wish I could have been there.

    This was very lovely to read :) Thank you and I hope one day, we see this on the server again
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    Hi! Cahiami here...

    Welcome Cahiami!! Hope to see you around the server!
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    1.13 Upgrade Approaching

    Woohoo! Let's jump and dance!
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    The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm

    It's been a while since the last update, but once the server is updated, I hope to see a push on the blaze farm! I look forward to taking update pictures to share!
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    Clans / Skyblock news

    Only suggestion is to make sure they can be downloaded :o some people have some amazing islands
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    GIVE THANKS.. and some words of advice.

    I'm thankful for the people in my group at "school". I started this program in October for youth who are having troubles with self confidence when it comes to job skills. Despite having my BA, I'm still finding a hard time squeezing into the job market (well more so that the self doubt held me...
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    The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm

    September update! As you all know, this project started off with a huge challenge. We knew that it would take time to dig up such an ambitious amount of bedrock, and at this point, the before and after is astonishing! Here are some photos to compare! Before: -Starting at 2 layers below...
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    The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm

    Check it out! It's been a while since the last update because it's been a lot of the same! Dig Dig Dig! Look at this progress though everyone! This is me, standing in the farthest corner from our blaze spawn point. As you can see, we are making HUGE progress digging up the netherrack. The...
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    The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm

    Small update! Big progress on the bottom layers! We've reached the biggest job, and have been working on it for a while: digging! However, unless we rally together and have more people working on it more often, it will take us a very long time to finish. Let people know about the server project...
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    Post your pets!

    My kitty(ies) Tiffanni and Kiki. Kiki (darker one) passed away not too long ago.