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    Hello everyone, Yes I am still alive :D I don't play minecraft as much as I used to but when I do I play on this server. I have been busy with college and been playing CS:S heaps (anyone going i43?) I still plan on coming and playing a lot more and miss playing with you guys xx
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    Ventrilo Server

    Vent is back up
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    Three Word Story

    ten creepers exploded
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    Hiya :)

    Hey and welcome :D
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    A poem i wrote

    Its amazing, really touched my heart :D
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    Hello everyone

    Hey, Welcome to the community :D
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    Say Something About The Person Above You

    is probably right about the person above him :D
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    One Word Story

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    Hello from hawkshadow31

    Welcome Glad you finally decided to sign up on the lovely forums :D
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    Say Something About The Person Above You

    posted too many times on this topic just trying to + his post count <3 :D
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    What other games do you play?

    I do Nucks but I am rubbish lol
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    Hello its me matthew9vs6

    Welcome :D
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    One Word Story

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    peanut86 griefing?

    Sgt, When I was on the server about 5 people complained he was griefing, I think he needs to be banned now.. There is always the appeal system.
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    The BlackFire Clan Grief

    Is this the PvP Server?