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Jun 24, 2013
Oct 12, 2010
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Apr 30, 1992 (Age: 22)
Midlands, UK
Student - Computer Science MSci

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Retired Administrator, Male, 22, from Midlands, UK

Herp derp! Mar 24, 2011

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Jun 24, 2013
    1. Weeicky81
      I miss you.
      1. Joepatcav likes this.
    2. LSkywalker1997
      Goodbye, Oliver. Good luck irl :)
    3. TiGonn
      Goodbye Oli... I'm sad to see you leave but obviously real life must come first. I hope to see you around on occassion, have a good year at college and the year after that. And the year after- well, you get the idea.
    4. Meta
      Goodbye Oliver, You taught me many things, and actually may have made me a better person. I wanted to say that you were one of the greatest Admins I have ever met, I remember when you were mod, and I've been told stories of your VIP days, as I am in mine now. I wish you luck at College Oli. May you learn even more than you already know....
    5. PD400
      Good luck with College Oli, hope you visit often, :)
    6. Frenziedfox
      I just want to say I appreciate all that you have done for the server, and that we as a community will miss you. Hopefully you will still drop in every once in a while. So, good bye crazy cow OliverW. :)
    7. Cuddly_Creep3r
      Thanks so much for all you've done for the server! =) Please visit us here sometimes. We will miss you, Oli moo cow.
    8. micko888
      Have fun with your life, I hope one day you come back to minecraftcc :) We will all miss you Mr cow man, aswell as your brother :P

      Bye from minecraftcc Community :)
    9. PD400
      You know, I've always wondered; what exactly are you majoring in? That is, if they have majors in the UK. My knowledge of higher education in the UK is...lacking.
    10. micko888
      I haven't seen you around in awhile, just missing you on server :(
    11. Meta
      I know you probably hear this a lot, but i want to thank you for your time and determination in making the server
      plugins. I makes this server one of a kind like no other.
      1. PD400 likes this.
    12. Weeicky81
      Hey oli you mind restarting the server?I see your always on Lol
    13. Patroit
      Oli is God and his side kick mr.coffejunky. the other god is SgtSpike and his side kick is Vargess
      1. Meta likes this.
    14. Arti
      Oli when you get a chance i guess the server crashed.
    15. PD400
      Oli, do you have Super Meat Boy on steam?
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      2. PD400
        I was hoping you didn't so I could give you the free copy I got for...something.
        Oct 29, 2011
      3. oliverw92
        Aww thanks for the offer :)
        Oct 29, 2011
      4. PD400
        Yeah, somehow I ended up with a free copy of it. I don't remember buying an extra copy or anything, oddly enough.
        Oct 29, 2011
    16. PD400
      It's frustrating to see everyone suggesting new plugins for you to write, even if some are good ideas. And I know I've done it too, but...thanks for all you do, Oli.
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    17. FrothingLuck
      Awesome job on bringing the old maps back! I appreciate the work you do for this server
      1. Demmo and PD400 like this.
      2. oliverw92
        Oct 17, 2011
    18. Bradley.f
      while at least like 8 months gameplay
    19. Bradley.f
      Nice cake world its awesome :P and i was wondering if i could be mod i was tlaking to liek 5 other mods and they siad i seemed pretty nice and ive palyed on jsut thsi server for over a year now keep the work up :) (minecraft name is : BFerg21)
      1. oliverw92
        No sorry, moderator is invite only. Also you can't have been here over a year, the server is 1 year and 4 days old, and in the early days of the server there were only like 5 active people, and you weren't one of them.
        Sep 23, 2011
    20. silverzone2
      hey oli i found a bug... i put a torch on the wall (in spheres) take it off and iron appears
      1. oliverw92
        It's anti-xray. The iron doesn't actually exist.
        Sep 11, 2011
      2. silverzone2
        yep it does cause i could mine it and id get the iron im guessing it was just inviz from a glitch and i revealed it by placing a torch cause it only worked in certain spots
        Sep 15, 2011
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    Apr 30, 1992 (Age: 22)
    Midlands, UK
    Student - Computer Science MSci