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    POLL: What sort of server setup should we have now?

    i voted "One server, everywhere is a safe zone except in designated arena "PvP zones"".. considering we will have /warps and /home, makes no sense to me having full pvp or most pvp and selected protected areas. it's actually hard to picture the ideal setting..two servers would just spend too...
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    How to: Chest protection

    hey, since the new server version (10 nov.) , my chests permissions keep disappearing, i know that it was supposed to happen once from the old version to the new one, but since that time they have disappeared at least twice after i replaced the chests. my question would be , happening only to me...
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    xizinho ban

    hey, he got banned by mistake 2 days ago, i've asked to remove the ban and was said it was removed. not sure if the server had a minor rollback or the unban didn't work, but today he tried getting in the server and the ban message still poped. so if possible :) thank you.
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    Mod Suggestions

    BorderLands (v1.25) [124] -probably a good way to prevent an exaggerated map size SessionProtect (v0.52) [124] -im not sure if you already tried this one, but sounds ok and could help some duping. LWC...
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    Mod Suggestions

    leafDropper edit: changed the link
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    Improved Chat Functionality Mod

    forgot to mention but it's a client side plugin/mod and thanks cj i didnt see that one, seems pretty good and fair was stopping myself from installing the other more complex mini-map since it was unfair.
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    Improved Chat Functionality Mod

    by TyrOvC ... 25&t=48473 quite helpful, especially the scroll function.
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    Making your server lag less (by tuning Java settings)

    by sk89q ... 12&t=68128 saw that, maybe you are already using similar or know better, but here it is anyway.
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    Poll: Mobs, or no mobs?

    i didnt vote yet, creepers might help griefers too much , so its hard to know to say about it anyway for those who didnt see this yet..