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    The Minecraftcc Exodus

    The leavers have had their turns and their threads. This is my message to all of the people that are leaving blaming the mods, admins and the "dying" server for their leaving: Goodbye to all of you who are leaving. I can't say I agree with all of your reasons for leaving but ok. This exodus has...
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    Memorial Board

    I couldn't think of any other place to put this. With lots of friends and enemies leaving the MinecraftCC community I thought it would be a good idea to make a memorial board where were can just list the people who made a difference in our lives but have moved on. I've got a few names to put on...
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    What's that sonny?

    I haven't been on the server in a couple of weeks, just been prowling around the forums but now when I log on to the server I can't talk. It just says: "You must join the channel before you can speak." Unfortunately it doesn't tell me how to "join the channel" and when I try /help to get help...
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    Inheritance series

    Hello. I noticed that there aren't many threads about books, no doubt because many people find reading boring. I myself find it more entertaining then minecraft and having just finished the Inheritance series by reading the final book in the quartet, Inheritance, I was wondering if anyone else...
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    Rugby World Cup!

    Hello, New Zealand are now the Rugby World Cup champions and after a roaring tournament I thought it prudent to ask everyone if you watched/cared and how you enjoyed it. I know I won't get many answers (cause Rugby isn't that popular in America. No racism just fact) but I'd like to hear your...
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    Dear members of the Minecraftcc community. It has come to my attention that dispite his best efforts Frothingluck has not touched the heart of the problem. Don't get me wrong, I support his views but he just needed to sum up his debate into one topic. Is the new creative world ethical? I want to...
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    The new emoticons

    *rollseyes* :wth: and my personal favourite -----> :banana: I lolz.
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    Any NZ'ers?

    Hello! After seeing the American only 4th of July thing I was wondering if there were any other New Zealander's patrolling the forums. So just if your from NZ post your city! Although tbh I dont expect there to be many/any.
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    Herp Derington?

    First things first. Im confident I spelt it wrong. Please keep the trolling to a minimum. (you will need to save them for later trust me.) Secondly, What is it? A title? A type of person? (this is where you need your trolling at maximum power) Please excuse my ignorance but I dont know what it...
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    My bad luck.

    A while ago there was a server crash. Back then in build I always carried around everyone of my diamonds, iron, gold, you know, everything valuble I had. When the server crashed I lost everything. EVERYTHING. Then I began to claw my way back up to wealthly land. Along my journey, and not long...
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    Finding out what thieves take

    We need a plugin that tells mods/admin what was stolen from chests because I was told that at this point in time they can't, and so people cannot get their items replaced because there is no way to confirm what was stolen. I know this is similar to locked chests but I don't think it's as much a...
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    How awesome are Sarge, Oli and Varg?

    Just made this cause I think they are doing a premo job and so yeah :D This is how votes go: Very = A pat on the back Somewhat = a strike Meh, who cares!!!! = ban Not at all= ban Happy voting :P
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    Royal Wedding!!!

    Thoughts, comment etc on the Royal wedding plz. Did you/will you watch it? Do you care??? Vote!!!
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    PvP Swords

    Whether you're a noob or an admin I will sell you a sword! Wood (got a chest full) stone (can make a chest full) iron (limited supply) diamond (not too many but some). You want one, I got one, lets talk :D
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    NZ_Forever ban appeal

    At about 7:07 NZ time i was banned by VacantSkull for Offensive language when i called Roland Scum and said F you. F is just letter if thats what i was banned for. I would like to point out that i have had previous disagreements with the person i 'offended'. I said F you and called him scum. I...
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    Missing Inventorys

    Umm yesterday or something my Build/Survival/Nether Inventory dissapeared. Has this happened to anyone else? And is there a way for me to get it back?
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    Grantcop2 and Stevie_Bird

    Not griefing or thieves but nowhere else to put it. 8/04/11 5:10ish NZ time the following discussion was had on the build server whilst discussing a school camp: Stevie_Bird: Yer there were girls there and hot ones 2 Grantcop2: xD Nice NZ_Forever: Stop objectiviying girls (bad spelling I know)...
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    Server hit another low???

    Umm recently when I have been on I have seen a large derpression in the number of people on. There are less new people coming in and the long time players just never seem to show up...... or is it just me? Take a vote.
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    Offensive name

    Hi, just recently came across someone called nazibird. I happen to have a real problem with the term Nazi, what with all their war crimes and racial policies and the like. I'd just like to make a complaint about the offensive name. Thanks, NZ
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    NZ_Forever vs. Tihzz

    Tihzz and I would like to know who is more important, Me or him so he suggested a vote. I dont know how to do the real thing so just vote with a comment :D (we all know I'll win) Thanks, NZ_Forever