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  1. ultimateironman

    I bid you all farewell, for a while at least.

    I was trying to stay on a moderator since i've been here for almost 2 years and want to help however i can. But with the recent exodus of 90% of my online friends i find myself not logging into CC anymore. Which means i cannot realistically vote on ban appeals, vote on new mod apps, moderate the...
  2. ultimateironman

    Google maps has gone too far!!!!!

    so i was using google maps to find a large wooded lot near my house to hike/camp in some time soon. and i zoomed in on my house once to many times to find this!!! i am creeped out beyond measure. my house...with my 2 cars sitting in teh driveway, in a 3D view tour style picture. SO, does...
  3. ultimateironman

    ultimateironman's builder application

    i had several nice pvp bases set into mountains...but ive lost all of them due to map moves and i dont have a PW there anymore. so all i can offer is my sandstone palace. outside view entering teh courtyard base floor, CREEPER in jade!! top floor, Jade columns with a lapis creeper face...
  4. ultimateironman

    My new gaming rig :D

    i got tired of my 5 year old PC. ive upgraded the ram and video card several times, but the mobo and CPU(amd duel core 2.3GHz) are just too out dated to play the newest games on any video setting or older games on a high setting. i dont have any pictures of it put together yet, just links to...
  5. ultimateironman

    sigh. quick jump glitch

    so, this is what happenes sometimes when we mods quick jump. notice my Y cord. yes, thats billion....with a "B"
  6. ultimateironman

    post pics here TOSd

    here VVVVV
  7. ultimateironman

    ive been hooked!

    darn jacca and his fishing hook.
  8. ultimateironman

    Is your minecraft moving WAY faster then normal? read this!

    there is a problem with older AMD dual core processors getting out of sync with one another. this causes one of the CPU core's internal clock to speed up and causes certain games to run extremely fast. Minecraft is one of those games. If you: -walk faster than other players -drown faster than...
  9. ultimateironman

    my typical day. aka missing chunks galore

    so yea. this is what i run into all the time. when yo see me log off ten back on immediately its because of one of these buggers right here. the overview picture if from Zan's mod. minimap mod, only shows surface stuff. nothing illegal here
  10. ultimateironman

    banned player graveyard

    im going to take Soc's idea for a banned player graveyard..and run with it. id update the gravemarkers every so often. it needs to be on build server, because all the gravemarkers(signs) would get stolen too often. im just trying to figure out the best way to divide it up into wings. first...
  11. ultimateironman

    Need for more mods on both servers

    We all know that there is a need for more ACTIVE mods on the build and PVP server. We were looking for a mod for several hours on teh build and PVP server today for no avail. And we know you know this, and that you are working on recruiting more. but in the mean time, id like to ask "what can...
  12. ultimateironman

    "connection timed out"

    i keep getting a "connection lost timed out" message when i try and log on, and on teh server it shows me as logging on then back off each time. after enough tries or if i switch between the PVP and build server enough i can finally log on. some other ppl are getting the same message. and i...