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  1. ultimateironman

    Lack on Online Moderators

    Well, we just lost PD, Hac, Jacca, Inuu, Spartan, DrMad, Satan, 1337phreak and myself as mods. Several new mods(stary, gunpowder, etc) are AFK due to computer issues. But they have just promoted a new batch of mods including deadliest_venom, HerPandaMan and Pearlbeauty so you should see more...
  2. ultimateironman

    Strike Appeal

    i thought we had rolled all 3 into 1 strike? i could be mistaken.
  3. ultimateironman

    I bid you all farewell, for a while at least.

    I was trying to stay on a moderator since i've been here for almost 2 years and want to help however i can. But with the recent exodus of 90% of my online friends i find myself not logging into CC anymore. Which means i cannot realistically vote on ban appeals, vote on new mod apps, moderate the...
  4. ultimateironman

    The Minecraftcc Exodus

    HA!! I am done with you Legion, i cannot deal with you any more. You lie about us and accuse us of horrible things, all the while saying that you are innocent. I just put in my resignation to Sgt, Varg and Eagle, and a large part of it is because you YOU legion.
  5. ultimateironman

    Archilles860 ban appeal

    there is no "opinion" about it. There is only a fact, you were denied a ban appeal already because of how devious you were, and that you continued to lie and cover your tracks. Sometimes there are permanent repercussions for your actions, this is one of those times.
  6. ultimateironman

    My resignation.

    I'd like to take this time to thank all the whiners and moaners who cant deal with their own issues for pushing Drmad away, we just lost someone who loves this server with a passion because certain people wouldn't leave him alone.
  7. ultimateironman

    Tekkit Poll

    i voted for option 3...but in retrospect if we made it VIP and higher only then we wouldn't need as many mod/tracking tools. If we can get a tekkit server to run semi smoothly with minimum plug ins for VIPs+, then go for it.
  8. ultimateironman

    Music Thread

    ohmahgawd!!!! so can i! we're rockstars bra!
  9. ultimateironman

    Music Thread

    heres the drummer for Born of Osiris practicing. :thumbsup:
  10. ultimateironman

    Music Thread

    dont know what you are asking. i enjoy listening to music by the artist i listed, i dont care about relevance or popularity or artist "selling out" blah blah. disturbed hasnt changed as far as i can tell, their new stuff and thier old stuff all sounds alike. Slipknot HAS changed, but i enjoy...
  11. ultimateironman

    Music Thread

    Otep. In this moment. Straight line stitch. Flyleaf. Iwrestledabearonce. As I lay dying. Strapping young lad. Black dahlia murders. Bullet for my Valentine. Avenged sevenfold. Born of Osiris. Job for a cowboy. Miss may I. Slipknot. hurr durr Disturbed. hurr durr Five Finger Death Punch. System...
  12. ultimateironman

    Ban Appeal for Christiaan050

    Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we have reached a decision. Be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you, as it may take 3-5 days to reach a verdict. In the meantime, please review our server rules here.
  13. ultimateironman

    Ultimate Ironman and Vacant Skull avatars

    MmmmmmmMMmmmm, this pleases me. ill give you your payment next time i see you online good sir.
  14. ultimateironman

    Spartan god 's avatar...

    I will pay for DWC's avatar. i've got the diamonds. and if you want to do one for me as well.....i'll pay you 20 diamonds :D. i like Ironman and the pokemon whichever you'd prefer and however you want to draw them/it. OH MY GOD ironman as a sith lord :D :D :D but draw what you...
  15. ultimateironman

    Forum Polls

    no they arent. 100% of the voters so far voted for the second option. however 2 of the people also voted for option A which gave option A a 28% vote percent.
  16. ultimateironman

    Improving PvP

    You are again stating that some things are possible only with a plugin....when in fact they are possible in vanilla minecraft. i have been playing on minecraftcc for a year and a half now, and have seen several combos of pvp available. what you speak of is available in all those combos. I...
  17. ultimateironman

    Improving PvP

    "it was my intent." :O i am oh-fend-ded!
  18. ultimateironman

    Improving PvP

    i do wish more people used the forums. theres no way to realize how the ENTIRE community feels about something if......they only participate in one part of it.
  19. ultimateironman

    Improving PvP

    Dunk, everything you've listed that you do in clans or CAN do in clans....isnt based on what the simpleclans plugin gives you. So far everything would be possible in vanilla or even with the factions plugin. what simpleclans gives you is: 1:Colored clan names 2:Clan capes (if you have spout...