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  1. DrMadFellow

    Shoutbox Log

    I just got a 10 year trophy, thats crazy.
  2. DrMadFellow

    Shoutbox Log

  3. DrMadFellow

    Old Minecraft Server Maps Downloads

    I want my old maps :(
  4. DrMadFellow

    Shoutbox Log

    Hope y'all are doing well during this pandemic. Stay safe.
  5. DrMadFellow

    Classic Maps Server

    What about a classic maps server with just basic teleport and home plugins? You could whitelist it to invite only to avoid griefers, I think many old players would appreciate having their old projects to work on and it would be very simple to maintain. There is also tons of cross server chat...
  6. DrMadFellow

    Post your pets!

    All hail Frankie. The cutest rescue ever.
  7. DrMadFellow

    Spheres Returns!

    You're doing a great job BML, much respect. <3
  8. DrMadFellow

    New Rule: Permanently Banned Players

    Long overdue. I know im a year late to this, but thank you for this rule change.
  9. DrMadFellow

    Let's get real

    I wish to add that I have great respect for most of the current and former admins. We all did this for free, and its most of the time thankless... I just take things a bit personally because I invested so much time and love into this server. I met my wife and many lifelong friends here, it...
  10. DrMadFellow

    Let's get real

    I always tried my best to keep the community vibrant and active. But towards the end of my adminship I saw a lot of the progress I made being overwritten by inexperienced management. I created the worlds in a way they wouldnt have to be replaced, but then they were without my input. Shortly...
  11. DrMadFellow

    Upcoming changes for 1.9

    Oh me! I nominate me! It's perfect because you know ill abandon it anyways! Hurray! :x3:
  12. DrMadFellow

    The New Hardcore Map!

    Added a more reasonable poll option. :-P I like this map a lot in concept, but its really not something I would enjoy playing. Not because it's too hard but it just isn't what I look to use my time for.
  13. DrMadFellow

    The Eclipse tonight..

    Saw the full thing start to finish. Was a little less red than I was expecting, I honestly ended up being more impressed with the plain super moon once it was over. SO bright!
  14. DrMadFellow

    [ASkyBlock] Proposal to add sand to the Island Minishop

    I bump this idea. I'd like this a lot.
  15. DrMadFellow

    Moderator Applicants!

    Any posts or threads made in this section will only show up once approved by a moderator.
  16. DrMadFellow

    Forum Interruptions

    EDIT: Forum registrations and all game connections should be back to normal now. However the forums may still go down occasionally for brief moments as i am still fixing a lot of features.
  17. DrMadFellow

    Way to Showcase New Threads

    I have taken over this and am currently working to get a home page portal working again.
  18. DrMadFellow


    It is a popular game that many people like to discuss with or without a server. I believe it deserves its own section.
  19. DrMadFellow


    There is now a Terraria Forum, and this topic has been moved accordingly.
  20. DrMadFellow

    Cleaning This Section

    I will be managing new board requests, as well as archiving inactive boards over the next few weeks.