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  1. NeoDaitou

    Nyan Cat Records

    So, since I played PD400's game this evening, I've been going Nyan Cat crazy and I've started listening to the non-stop version (at When I was talking to Socrates in-game, he suggested we make a forum thread for the longest time that people have listened to Nyan cat without...
  2. NeoDaitou

    My Market in Shambala

    I logged on to the creative server tonight and found my wooden stairs and iron door missing off of my marketplace in Shambala. Thankfully, whoever broke in and stole them did not find the hidden chest, but I am kind of miffed about the door. While I couldn't care less about the stairs as they...
  3. NeoDaitou

    My Palace in LostCity

    I just logged on today and found that someone had broken into my locked house in LostCity and stolen some of my diamonds from a chest in the basement. I can tell that they tried to break in by guessing the code to the door because the switches were not as I left them when I logged out on Friday...
  4. NeoDaitou

    My Palace

    I finished my palace in Lost City a few nights ago and this is the result.
  5. NeoDaitou

    Hello World!

    Hey, I'm new to this server and I just found the forums. My name is the same here as it is in the game. Even though I'm new here, people have already gone out of their way to make me feel at home. Thanks guys! (with a special shout out to DanceSC ^_^)