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    Hello everyone, Yes I am still alive :D I don't play minecraft as much as I used to but when I do I play on this server. I have been busy with college and been playing CS:S heaps (anyone going i43?) I still plan on coming and playing a lot more and miss playing with you guys xx
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    Wheat Farm

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    Selling Records

    I have both Gold and Green Record want to sell for gold and iron
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    Shoutbox fail...

    Anyone else getting shoutbox error?
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    Ventrilo Server

    We Now Use Mumble! IP or Hostname: Port: Password: (none) GET VENTRILO HERE: Tutorial here:
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    Can't Connect

    I can't connect to the server, is it down or...? Connection Lost End of Stream any help?
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    Water Elevator i want a bucket so i can make this :D