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  1. Reshurum

    Important Server Bug

    I have already tried to find the problem of this client-side and I had no issue so that is why I am labeling it a server problem. Basically if I leave a minecart I am no longer able to interact with entities. I can do so once more once I relog. EDIT: I misspelled minecart -.-
  2. Reshurum

    Dungeon Crawler for the win. And it is working out!

    Has GUI soon to be added items, has collison, map, and will be adding mobs.
  3. Reshurum

    Got bored with 2D game dev, now I shall do 3D!

    I've been getting into 3D game dev without the use of libraries other than opengl and it is hard but awesome. Took me so long to figure out how to tile textures and a ton of other crap from scratch but I did it :D It is not visible but I made an fps style camera where you can move the mouse...
  4. Reshurum

    I wanna see how many of you recognize this.

    Name: Where:
  5. Reshurum

    Behold the Skin Thief 2000!

    Got bored... Wanted to make a skin stealer :P Uploaded if you wanna try it :)
  6. Reshurum

    Odd Bug in Survival

    I have some pigs at a house and they have not been fed for a long time (I've been in the area a bit recently) and when I try to feed them carrots, they refuse. I go to check if it it client side and feed pigs on single-player and it works fine. I do not know if it is a bug with bukkit or...
  7. Reshurum

    Makin a game because I am bored...

    I've been learning how to make games using lwgjl and opengl in javaz :) In screenshot there is no real graphics at the moment because I am programming the brainz of the game and do not want to worry about sprites and stuff right now ;) Currently I want it to be an adventure game of sorts and...
  8. Reshurum

    House under construction stolen

    Someone named "sizzlebiscuit" stole my house privated it and ruined it. It wasn't done so it wasn't yet just empty rooms. Can I be helped please :|
  9. Reshurum

    Asteroid Flew over House December 20th

    Happened apparently when a meteor show was supposed to happen. Was as loud as a space launch when it went over 0.0. I went on the news later and found out it flew over the North american west coast before splitting into two and burning up. I almost thought 2012 was real! Live in Cali.
  10. Reshurum

    Added pigman villagers in my mod :D Comes with Raw mutton that drop from sheep and able to be cooked and a set of emerald tools and armour.
  11. Reshurum

    Emerald Tools Mod - By Reshurum

    Hey CC!!! I made a mod over the span of 3 hours, (mostly due to a stupid syntax error I stupidly made) and made the Emerald Tools Mod. This mod includes emerald tools that are better than iron but weaker then diamond. It is not done yet because I might tweak with it but they're just like the...
  12. Reshurum

    Lack on Online Moderators

    Most of the time on the Minecraft server recently, there are no moderators on at all. Hudyboy is the most active mod currently but no other mods come on often.
  13. Reshurum

    Cannot gain XP

    I have played cc on two different computers and In survival I noticed I cannot gain exp. XP orbs do not drop at all so is this a bug? If not why are they off, and will they be back soon?
  14. Reshurum

    Hillkiller0 Swearing while mods are offline

    Got screenshot
  15. Reshurum

    My dogs wont listen to me

    Self explainitory
  16. Reshurum

    dporter2 Advertised Server

    He claims he was joking after I warned him but he asked if anyone wanted to join his server. One player said yes and he said he was getting the IP then I warned him. He then claimed he was joking. I believe he claimed to be joking when I warned him to avoid trouble, just thought I should...
  17. Reshurum

    Are eggs broken in Clans?

    I broke 30 eggs with no chickens yielded.. Is there an anti egg plug-in now because I'm getting eggs because all of our animals disappeared.
  18. Reshurum

    Google Chrome Theme

    I made a Google Chrome Theme! :D I'm putting it on the store after testing is done 'Copy this to address bar if your want to test HTTP:// I made all content in it in Photoshop (Including the liquid chrome icon on...
  19. Reshurum

    Taninator building on private land

    I have a problem, taninator built a small house next to mine and its private to me lutz and blakens. i put signs warning him about the situation in front of his home. The home is not done and has nothing in it from what I see. Also there is a cobble pillar in my cow pen and i suspect he could...
  20. Reshurum

    Testificate Smuggler

    They be here....