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    Blazorazor's Ban Appeal

    I think all the robot-spam is getting to you guys, considering how prevalent the thought of long and hard seems to be.
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    Is your minecraft moving WAY faster then normal? read this!

    Re: Is your minecraft moving WAY faster then normal? read th Yup, I'm from Germany, but I'm an old fart, and so I had plenty of time for learning. And it's "you're".
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    Is your minecraft moving WAY faster then normal? read this!

    Re: Is your minecraft moving WAY faster then normal? read th If you walk faster than other players, then you might have this issue. /cringe
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    Who is more important..? :P

    Quote from there:
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    I think that's a great idea. If you would want to tell anyone about SgtSpike's Minecraft servers, just point them to the channel. They could see buildings, events, etc., and when they come in, they wouldn't be like "Where are the trees?" or something, they'd have a mental image of stuff that's...
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    Idk whats going on!!

    That truly sounds like your character is that of a person which tells the truth. xD (Excuse my amusement.)
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    Solving Server Lag

    Solution: SgtSpike, your ShoutBox text "Aiming for a ramdrive next though, I think that's the only way to get the performance I am looking for" is the answer: You need to employ a ramdrive solution that regularly saves its content to disk as one image instead of 1000 files! Maybe TrueCrypt or...
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    Three Word Story

    to ragequit presidency
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    How to mine

    Instead of making a new HowTo, let me just add to this one. As you can see in this Wiki entry, the branch corridors should be every four blocks (so that three blocks are between them). I saw this entry today, looked at the diagram and thought: "Dude, they got the distance wrong!" Then it hit...
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    POLL: Maps

    Quote from the ShoutBox "2011-01-18 10:54 PM" (PST, I assume): Globey's question from "2011-01-18 10:57 PM" (3 minutes later) remains unanswered: If SgtSpike's statement is accurate and our interpretation is accurate, then this means that the real build server map and PvP server map are both...
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    One Word Story

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    How old are you?

    I am the old fart, by the way.
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    POLL: Maps

    That would be my idea, too, but it's egoistic: Only VIPs can really make use of this. I had a PM-discussion with SgtSpike about that a week ago. His stance: Spawn shouldn't be moved too far because non-VIPs wouldn't be able to get to the buildings which are currently near spawn. Won't happen...
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    The New Update

    This is what'll be in the update In one or two cases, I might be mistaken and that thing comes "soon" but not with the Thursday update. * There will be a new Mob living in water. Friendly? Hostile? No idea. * You can "craft" cake. Needs milk, sugar (=reed), wheat, eggs. link * There will be...
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    Anyone who isn't mature enough to know, that a chat-request to become admin is denied by default, so that one can study the reaction, can't be admin. Yeah, I made that up on the spot.
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    Hello Everyone!

    TNTman[/*:m:ln2lz3yk] WillGriefForMoney[/*:m:ln2lz3yk] BanKenobi[/*:m:ln2lz3yk]
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    The risk of building your name outside spawn on PvP

    And he is even in the screenshot. pwned (though he might add the words "like weed")
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    Hello, hiro24! Welcome to SgtSpike's Minecraft servers. Well, the message you are seeing ("not premium user") means that you have not entered a valid username+password combination into the login dialog of your Minecraft client. You only have such login data if you own a copy of Minecraft. The...
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    Favourite Mod contest

    Can you alter the poll at this point by means of comment editing? So you could put the other moderators in. Well, but I think this whole thing is not a good idea anyway, and I'd rather have it non-existent. Or, at least people should be able to vote for several moderators at once, since this...
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    1 piece string

    Don't listen to Jov, he always tries to defraud people. I'll give you three feathers for that string. That's a good deal, and you should take it.