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    Drocks99 ban appeal

    ok so the first few times when i was doing it i didnt mean to it was just me dc'ing and reloging and being higher up. then u thought i could maybe get into there vault and started looking for a place under there vault (found there mine and went in looking for a place where there cords matched...
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    drocks99 builder application

    just a house i made on build in echo cords are x-110588 y 70 z:-99976 hope u like it and im not very good at doing the inside of houses so plz be kind :P
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    New hidden lighting.

    ok so this is something i found and only just got up now. ill explain how to make it at bottom. sorry but thats all the photos i could put up at the moment. (computer is being slow and not loading things properly) ok so pretty much just hide a torch (or any other light source behind it...
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    just a place to post some pics of wolves you may find. :) was looking for ages for some and then found all of these just as a got back to my main base after giving up. all where in the same place.
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    i got banned.

    just a quick question. i was away for a couple of days and i came back and i was banned. why was i banned and is there any way i can get unbanned? i dont remember ever doing anything wrong and when i left all was going well. thanks