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    APP: [Grender] Warp Application

    Endermen Farm that works really quickly and can be turned off at the flick of a lever. It's designed for use with a sweeping edge sword, as the endermen have not taken any damage before being put in the killing chamber. Has an enchanting station, a crafting bench, some anvils, some extra storage...
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    Buying Enchanted Books

    More specifically, Mending books. I've already lost 2 sets of armour in the end, and I'm done. I'll just go back to my fish farm. List a price (in diamonds!) and I'll see what I can do. On the other hand, would anyone be interested in enchanted book grab-bags or similar? Pay X amount to get N...
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    Bedrock Breaking Service

    Right. No abusing glitches. Forget this then.
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    So I changed my Minecraft Username...

    I changed my username a while back, and haven't been on for a long time. I apparently have no homes (?), and of course my BTC information is out of whack, because I changed my name. My old name was Tommyand (screenshot of /whowas below), and I would like to see if I could change my forum name to...