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  1. Mark0911

    Never understood some things...

    I just don't understand why people are having so much problems (School is too hard, Live in a poor country, Country is at war etc etc, So I just thought that I'd like to show you all something that are having those problems. Here is where I live. Yes, You can guess it. It's Detroit. The...
  2. Mark0911

    STLT - Songs to Listen To.

    Like I said. I listen to lots of songs most of my day when I can. Here's just a few.
  3. Mark0911

    I'm out.

    Alright, Like stevie, this server has major issues. I feel like this server is like this: 20 % Of the server are wanna-be moderators. 10 % Are annoying 9 year olds 60 % Percent just play her for bitcoin. And 10% Actually play here for fun. I wish you guys luck but I'm out. I'm...
  4. Mark0911

    What are all the awards you can get that get you trophy points?

    I always wanted to know how I get these awards, and when the next one is for some reason. What are they? Where can I see them?
  5. Mark0911

    That moment when you don't read the rules and get banned,

    (Gets banned)
  6. Mark0911

    Huge problem

    Steam is doing pretty bad today. I just got prison architect and it asks for a cd key. I have the key but I have no where to put it? where do I put the cd key?
  7. Mark0911

    Name that country!

    This game is pretty simple. The first person posts a picture of a flag then waits until the next person guesses it correctly. For example Person a posts this flag Person b guesses Antarctica Person C guesses Argentina. Person C is correct, it is his turn. The game will stop when...
  8. Mark0911

    "Hard Time"

    Great game, funny as heck, go get it. Its free at It's great, but what do you think?:lachen:
  9. Mark0911

    A little update on my dog :)

    Not sure if you have read the shout box, but a few days ago my dog had heart disease and lung disease. I went to the veterinarian to see what the problem was and it turns out these Fantastic people gave me medicine for the dog to stop the heart from enlarging. If the heart stopped enlarging...
  10. Mark0911

    For firelightningblt

    This is for you buddy. Your new avatar :)
  11. Mark0911

    Thank me later.

    Does have some swears. Watch at your own risk. Still, thank me later. I got to pass this down.
  12. Mark0911

    What games do you have?

    I've played tons of games. Which game do you recommend? I got 200 dollars in my bank account and I was thinking of buying a game. Which games you like, have, play? I've played Age of empires III-Amazing, addicting strategy game Sims 3-<3 I've always loved the sims. One of my favorite series...
  13. Mark0911

    Been here a year.

    Well, I've just been awarded the award: Long-timer I've been amazed. This community ROCKS! My 1st year anniversary with MCCC In game, was on May 3rd. I feel amazing now that this community still keeps me going. I've just been awarded long timer since I've been with the forums for a year. I...
  14. Mark0911

    Later y'all.

    Twas fun. Here are some games I play that you can add me on or join me e.e Simcity 2013-germandud3 Battlefield 1942-germandud3 Call of duty 2-germandud3 Toribash-Mark0911 I got other things too.. Origin-germandud3 Xfire-germandud3 Steam-mark09112 I got other games but I dont...
  15. Mark0911

    Easy way to enforce every rule.

    Since I am on a computer at a library I can not show in detail with pictures of what I mean, nor can I show you the tutorial on youtube. So first off, This has been a huge problem with the community and I just found a way to stop this. Griefers and all that grief making every ones life...
  16. Mark0911

    Warp list

    The warp list has gotten REALLY big and it needs to be cut down a little as alot of you know, Alot of us are having trouble find areas to go since there are so many things on the list, I think there should be a new rule about warps like, there might be a thread on the forums for warp...
  17. Mark0911

    DEC:Mark0911's Builder Application

    Name:Mark0911 Coords: w/ skyislands or x -688 z 1550 y 63 World:Survival Here is my staute. (Ignore the house that the statue is standing on. the statue is what I am going for) Extior (1st pic) interior (2nd 3rd and 4th pics) Apartments (5th - 8th pic) Apartment Roller Coaster (9 - 10 pic)...
  18. Mark0911

    Worst death ever

    Hi, Today I was at my zombie spawner and then I started lagging because server was saving. I got disconnected from lag then came back and all of my stuff was gone because I got the message. "You Died" Not sure how I died but I lost the most valuable things in minecraft. If anything, You could...
  19. Mark0911

    Help mah >.<

    Well first off, this kid named twinklestoes1212 set his home in my house. (I locked all doors because I didn't want him coming in) so how did he get in? well first off. he broke somethin of the house, replaced it, and set home in a house he's not even allowed in. after he logs on he just goes to...
  20. Mark0911

    Looking for Leather

    I will give out 1-3 diamonds if someone sells some leather or books to me :p. (could pay btc) Once I get that leather I will be selling the following. Redstone Iron Gold Diamond Emerald Nether Brick Quartz Enchanted books Enchants of choice Dragon eggs (all for btc)