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  1. Wombatus

    I visited Minecraft IRL

    Hello guys and girls, this week I went inside the Minecraft ! Look at this ! Look at the size of Edwige ! We even encountered strange creatures, maybe a new patch I didn't know about...
  2. Wombatus

    An other Team Panda...

    If you hear bad stories about Team Panda on other servers, it may be this one : Team Panda Griefers. No Panda of MCcc is involved. You know we do not grief at all. If a new guest claims to be from Team Panda on the server it could be a griefer, becareful buddies !
  3. Wombatus

    Darkout, for Terraria's fans.

    Here is a teaser for Darkout, a french game (cocorico !) who looks like Terraria with good taste and talent for graphics, enjoy. It should come at the end of this year on PC and Mac, and maybe on iPad.
  4. Wombatus

    Tree pig

    "If you want my meat come at me bro !!"
  5. Wombatus

    Wombatus personal first project in Creative - DONE !!

    I started it when the Creative map started, it was hard without powers, only jump and give. I did half of the first character like this. Then I helped Coffee with Pompeï and then I became a mod and then temp maps came. Creative is back and I finished it these last days using fly. It's my...
  6. Wombatus

    What I see coming on Creative World...

    What I see coming is some peoples who don't have to mine to get all the stuff they want, and who build the same things they built on the other worlds in 5 minutes, covering the 5000*5000 map of easy buildings in less than a month. Frothingluck is afraid by the possible elitism of the builder...
  7. Wombatus

    Dark side of the Moon

    I know that build in the dark is annoying. But some buildings are beautiful at night, we can also say that some buildings' design only work at night. So I lauch an idea : what about some night on creative, on a good proportion, like : 1 hour of day for 10 minutes of night ?
  8. Wombatus

    Wombatus' apply

    Here is my best piece of art. It was a short-lived building, so I don't have the coords. It's a complexe mix of sand and gunpowder. And to make it perfect, I put a torch very close to it (made with wood and coal). This way you can see it in day light, and in night too ! Just awesome. I used...
  9. Wombatus

    Leonardo, the Trojan Horse by Wombatus

    Hello ! My latest project was on standby because of the 1.6 and then the factions but I finaly finished it two days ago :p It's a Trojan Horse, one of my first ideas of building on Minecraft, I did it ! It doesn't have wheels, but as a trojan you can enter in (I'm sure you'll enjoy the Exit...
  10. Wombatus

    Wombatus' Galleon

    Hi ! It's been a long time since the last pics of the Team Panda. They all disappeared with the reboot of this forum. You have seen yourself that, I'm by myself 90% of the team :p Today I propose you my last building. It's a war galleon, a king size one : about 120 blocks long, 70 high and 25...
  11. Wombatus

    Who wants metal ? (of steal of doom of poodle of fire)

    Hi guys ! I did a video with my own hands for a metal band (friends of mine) ! There is no money on it, just passion... yeah, it's cool. It's black/death metal, so it's a bit hard ^^ Enjoy !!
  12. Wombatus

    An other color for private message

    What about an other color for the private messages ?! Now it's grey, so we don't see them. What about a color who give attention on the message ? If the guy doesn't look well the chat, you can take his attention with a color, not with a grey line. It's not annoying for others, because it's...
  13. Wombatus

    Team Panda ! (by Wombatus)

    Hi it's Wombatus, you know me a little. I represent the "Team Panda", we are here since two weeks. Excuse my english, I'm french. We are not really a team in order to we are not very serious, we invented it on this server, because we all put Panda skins and work together. There is me, Rat...