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    Shoutbox Log

    Please take a look at the top announcement. We are dealing with some map corruption and could use a hand determining the extent of the problem.
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    We Need Your Help

    You may already have noticed this, but there has been some corruption of some of the maps. We are still assessing the scope and impact of this corruption, and as we prepare to move the servers to 1.15 it may determine if we have to reset the maps or if we can move the current maps forward. If...
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    Shoutbox Log

    Welcome the two new mods, Kuzmo and BlackDeathEdward.
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    Shoutbox Log

    Welcome the two new mods, Kuzmo and BlackDeathEdward. Direct all complaints to them now. Muahahaha
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    Shoutbox Log

    Yeah, if you find something that still seems off, let the admins know. It should all be working now but we did upgrade a lot so...
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    Hmm... ok. How about this classic: There is a house. One enters it blind and comes out seeing. What is it?
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    MCCC Hardcore Battle Royale

    Sorry, I've been totally overwhelmed with a project and mostly out of action for the past couple weeks or so. I'll Try to set this up shortly. There is one question that came up, given the long time span involved and relatively low amount of people, how to keep someone from gearing up during...
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    MCCC Hardcore Battle Royale

    Nope, hasn't happened yet. Why, you want in?
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    MCCC Hardcore Battle Royale

    Players so far: Sobk, kennydoesmc, kittyashlee, Majornoob, Rhadae
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    MCCC Hardcore Battle Royale

    New World, New Gamemode We are going to add a new server/world dedicated to playing rounds of a hardcore battle royale style game. The rules will be pretty simple: It's hardcore. You die, you are out. It will be whitelisted, meaning the initial group of players is all there is. Griefing...
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    Oh no, that was my whole answer. I don't know the real one.
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    In Spanish?
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    Vaults, Previous Build and Survival Worlds

    Vaults world and the Build and Survival worlds from the 1.12 server have been moved over. Players cannot access them directly (other than the SlimeFarm and RCGrinder public warps). If you still have items in vaults, this is your last chance to get them. Please contact a mod or admin as your...
  15. MajorWumpus

    Land Claims vs. Protection

    There is an important distinction to be made, in the new environment and with the plugin changes we have made, between claiming land and protecting land. Claiming land is largely unchanged. Short version: put a marker (wall, fence, etc.) around it until you build on it. Don't claim more than...
  16. MajorWumpus

    Recent Server Changes

    This will be a running list of the recent changes here, with links to more detailed information as needed. Public Warps available now: SlimeFarm, Grender, rcgrinder Voting works again, and now gives bonus claim blocks in addition to the currency. Creative, shops and spheres worlds are back...
  17. MajorWumpus

    Server 1.13.2 Upgrade

    The server moved to 1.13.2 on April 28 and that brought a lot of changes. Things are still in flux and a lot has changed. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them. If you have suggestions for things we can add/change as the server rounds into shape, please leave them below.
  18. MajorWumpus

    1.13 Upgrade Approaching

    So what is going to happen? We look to be a matter of days from the launch of the new server. The 1.13 server will start with build, survival, and resource worlds, and some pretty fun arena games. Shortly after launch we will be moving over the other worlds that are migrating, as well as the...
  19. MajorWumpus

    New World Downloads Available

    Some of the world backups from the end of last year are available for download on the Legacy Worlds wiki page. These include: Build8 Build8_Nether Survival5 Survival5_Nether Survival5_The_end
  20. MajorWumpus

    Clans / Skyblock news

    Yes, we can make the world available for download, with a key to where each player's island is.