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    ARMA 2

    I will be buying a few Copies of ARMA 2 Combined Operations. If you have things to trade for on TF2 such as hats, stranges, metala, keys, or any other type of game currency, we may be able to work out a deal. Message me directly and we might be able to work out a deal. I would get on Mumble but...
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    Strike Appeal

    I have a strike on my name. I would like for it to be cleared up. Thanks.
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    SG Suggestions

    This is just going to be a list of my suggestions on what I think should be implemented into the Survival Games world. 1. 1 Queue lobby. It makes no sense for 3 people to be able to start a game then have it possibly take a whole hour to finish a game. 2. There needs to be an extended drop...
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    Music Thread

    In this thread I wanna hear about all the music that this community listens to. Artists, song title, genre, why you like it. I want it all.
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    X Games

    So I sit here, in my living room watching the XGames and I think to myself, "How crazy do you have to be to tr things such as this?" I wonder if I would go on to do anything great or remarkable or even noticeable. I have little athletic skills, although my intellectual skills are stellar. But...
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    I... am nancy girly boy

    So today... not too long ago... in mumble.... I asked if anyone wanted to play League. And DrMad... was very impolite to me, and told me... to... shut up. I am very sad and I am contemplating quitting the server because of it. I would be very happy if someone could do something about this issue...
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    I got mad PvB skills!

    I was annoyed that I was called a bandit... I am not a bandit! I just don't see why you haven't moved yet...
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    XD OMG

    For lack of a better place to post this I give you this:
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    I'm leaving for a while...

    This is server was great at the beginning of when I started playing. Recently it has been getting a bit stupid. From it's backwards justice system, to it's big brother aspect, to its abundance of players who I really, really don't like. I will be leaving and possibly won't come back. I find it...
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    Suggestion for PvP Maps!

    I have many criticisms with the idea of a hardcore map. The reasons for my utter dislike for this is 1. It promotes people hiding in there bases because of the insecurity of the safety of there items. All a person has to do is find the bases owner and kill them once and destroy their bed...
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    BloodyClans Spawn Killing and No Action Taken...

    I have proof that BloodyClans was spawn killing. He admits that he did do this and claimed for it to be in compliance with the rules. Even though I have been kicked for doing this exact thing and getting kicked and reprimanded for doing it. I would like authoritative action to be taken. Thank...
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    R6 killing in spawn

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    MinecraftCC Riddle #3

    Everyone knows what I am though I'm not real My name is said by many when I'm used In the wrong hands I am dangerous What am I? Sorry it's not that good but I'll get better hopefully
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    You some type of gelatinous substance Jacca?

    I will let the screenshots speek for themselves :)
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    I'm not a baby!

    I'm quite disappointed with all the rules be enforced on Mumble, such as the "No foul language" rule. But the trust that no one was using foul language wasn't enough... we had to make a "Spy Channel" appropriately labeled "Echelon". I feel babied and like someone is constantly looking over my...
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    Ban Appeal For Rampaging13

    To be quite honest, I never thought I would have to be post in this part of the forums on myself but I guess that day has come. I've been a good kid up until now, I've donated about $75 to the server, I never really got into much trouble, but recently I've landed my self into a bit of hot...
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    Boston's Grief.

    In the section below, I have attached a myriad of pictures of Boston55 placing 12 TNT on my structure, surrounding my chest, and eventually blowing it up. He would also constantly mine out blocks of cobblestone from under me making me plummet towards the earth taking damage, thus killing me. I...
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    This is a picture of Roland00111 out of the Atrium after direct and indirect instructions from mods and V.I.P.'s in Mumble. Multiple people have screenshots of this action and including myself. The picture processing is a picture of Roland00111 outside of the Atrium wall.
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    Thank you Oliver!

    Thank you Oliver for all of your hard work and all the hours you've put into this server update! All of us in Mumble, thank you, and I'm sure people on the PvP Server do as well! Thanks for putting in all the time and effort into this server and it really shows your dedication to the server! :)