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  1. SgtSpike

    Major = Admin

    Effective immediately, I am promoting MajorWumpus to administrator. He will mostly be working on the gameserver side of things. Please congratulate/welcome him to this new role! He will be able to more effectively push forward the project to revamp the server and community here, and hopefully...
  2. SgtSpike

    We're working together on something amazing!

    If you haven't already heard, we recently made the decision to build a large project together as a community. We took a public vote on a variety of suggested ideas, and ended up with the most votes towards a remake of Bioshock Infinite's Floating City (Columbia). MajorWumpus is heading up...
  3. SgtSpike

    Poll Closed - FINAL Community Project Poll!

    edit: Looks like we have a fairly clear winner - Bioshock's City in the Clouds! As of Saturday evening, the top 3 options for the community build were: Bioshock's City in the Clouds Gigantic Bilbo's Bag End A nature hiking trail (waterfalls, massive trees, rivers, lakes, "zip line" using...
  4. SgtSpike

    Large Community Project Poll

    Cakle so kindly put together a list of the projects suggested in the other community project thread. Now it is time to vote for the one you'd like to help with! Large Hogwarts Disneyland Disney Movie's Land Bioshock's City in the Clouds A map from Asassins Creed Disneyworld Knotts Berry Farm...
  5. SgtSpike

    New community project? New community project!

    I'd like to see what interest there is in a community-wide effort to build a large replica of some place (could be fantasy based or real-world). There have been other projects to build the Lord of the Rings world or Game of Thrones cities that are just awesome and amazing. I started the...
  6. SgtSpike

    We're back!

    Apologies for the long outage, but we had a MAJOR ice storm in my city and surrounding area 4 days ago. There are still tens of thousands of people here without power, but the location of the server finally got both power and internet back, so we're back online. Thanks for your patience, see...
  7. SgtSpike

    Server downtime announcement

    Update: The server is now back up and running fine at it's new location! Starting tomorrow, the server will be down as I am moving. I am hoping I can get it back up later that same day, but you know how these things go... Worst case, it should be down for no longer than a week! Apologies for...
  8. SgtSpike

    Alternative communications

    Given the recent lengthy outage, I thought I would reiterate our Facebook page: In the even of server downtime, this is where I will communicate what's going on. If you wish to be informed, go ahead and "like" the page so that you can...
  9. SgtSpike

    Old Minecraft Server Maps Downloads

    We are working to make all our old maps available via torrents. Please download the torrents (attached to this post) and help seed them to help us ensure excellent uptime/availability to anyone who wants them. Thanks! Also, if someone wouldn't mind writing up some descriptions of what is on...
  10. SgtSpike

    Quick poll

    Answer the question!
  11. SgtSpike

    Player 5 has joined the game...

    Pictures were requested, so here's one...!
  12. SgtSpike

    Forums will be down sometime soon for maintenance

    Sometime within the next few days, I will be moving webservers, and the forums will be down because of it. Estimating 24 hours downtime at this point, but it could end up being less time than that. The main method of communication will be teamspeak while the forums are down, the secondary...
  13. SgtSpike

    Skyblock is here!

    Thanks to Dunk, we have a new world - skyblock! This challenging game mode has you start on a small island in the sky with limited resources. Type /island help in-game for more info. Type /spawn ASkyBlock to reach the new world, and /island to get your own world-in-the-sky started!
  14. SgtSpike

    Confirm Half Life 3

    I'll start with the number 100, the next person uses 101, next 102, etc. Using the number and some math and/or logic, confirm Half Life 3. 100 = The 100 tv show = released in 2014 = 12 / 4 + 0 = 3 HL3 confirmed.
  15. SgtSpike

    Literally LEGO Minecraft
  16. SgtSpike

    University of Oregon Minecraft Replica

    You may have noticed a new map appear.... CityBuilder. For now, you can access it with /spawn CityBuilder, but we'll eventually have a portal in the lobby for it. This map's purpose is to recreate the campus of the University of Oregon. It was chosen because it is a beautiful college in my...
  17. SgtSpike

    New server IP is! should update for you within the next 24 hours, but in the meantime, you can use this IP directly for connecting to the minecraft server and to the teamspeak server. Edit: Updated to reflect the most recent IP change.
  18. SgtSpike

    Scheduled downtime & IP change

    The server will be offline for approximately 12 hours starting at 12:00 AM PDT (about 11 hours from now). The IP address will be changing, and I will post in this thread as soon as it is back up with the new IP. Until the DNS name ( is updated to the new IP, you'll have to...
  19. SgtSpike

    Server down for updates, etc

    I've taken the server down to swap some drives... unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), there's also 180 windows updates installing as well. It's been a while since we've restarted it completely! So it will probably take longer than the estimated 30 minute timeline I gave initially before it...
  20. SgtSpike

    Forum software update on Wednesday

    I am planning to do a major update on the forum software (from 1.0 to 1.4), and it may break some things, so be prepared. The plan is to conduct the update on Wednesday evening (PST timezone).