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    Ban Appeal for Xboxextreme

    Minecraft IGN: xboxextreme Details: In all honesty, I can't even remember what happened. I was banned over a year ago around the time factions was discontinued. I was fed up with what the minecraft server community had become in general and I remembered this server. I admit that I was hacking, I...
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    Star sami ban appeal

    Hey again... Starsami was playing mc ehen he went to a friends house. She had her account on and when i got on it used spambot... Being that xboxextreme (me) is banned. Please dont pumish her for my mistake...
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    Xboxextremes ban appeal

    I am Deeply sorry for hacking and I apologize. I was a retard for doing so and i DONT deserve a second chance. I so humbly ask for my 2nd and final chance. I will understand with no complaints if you do decide to permanarely ban me. If i am not unbanned than I will help the community on the...
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    Xboxextreme ban appeal

    Names : xboxextreme Mod : satanssoldier Reason: hacking I was banned on october 24 for hacking. I accept my punishment if decided against me. Minecraftcc gave me my first chance when i griefed on build. I woul like yet another chance and this will be my last. Please give me a list of what...
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    I was Banned... Again?

    I was banned by SatanSoldier for hacking on Build. 1. I want to know what hack i used... Why was I banned...?
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    Xboxextremes ban appeal <3

    Hello, my ingame name is xboxextreme. I was playing one day and i went on build cause a player told me to come try it out. I went to the world and i went in a house, there was no signs saying to stay out that i can remember. If I was greifing or stealing im sorry, I truly didn't mean to. I love...
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    MC TExturepack

    Hey im xboxextreme or Ravendown. I was wondering, im in the middle of starting a new texturepack, ide love for you guys to let me post it here for the download link ;p i'll start a new thread with link an info!
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    Selling Iron, Cobble, Redstone, and Glass for Diamond or Obby :D (onPVP)

    Xboxextreme is selling IronCobbleRedstoneandGLass just give me diamond or obby :D