1. Frenziedfox @ Frenziedfox:
    okay, now you have my attention. I'm looking...
  2. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    <- Look over there
  3. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey PD.. How goes things?
  4. PD400 @ PD400:
    Hey friends <3
  5. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
  6. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Not the bees! Not the bees!
  7. Wombatus @ Wombatus:
  8. K @ Kuzmo:
  9. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey Dr, good to see your face in th eplace!
  10. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
    Hope y'all are doing well during this pandemic. Stay safe.
  11. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    ♡ I would love to make a bee farm when we update! One of the things im most excited for
  12. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    @KittyAshlee They are SO cute!!!
  13. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    I am so excited for those chonky little things
  14. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    You guys seen the bumblebees??
  15. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello TOSd, yup it has been.
  16. T @ TOSd:
    hi! its been awhile
  17. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello Wombatus and coffeejunky!
  18. toxic_cow @ toxic_cow:
    hey womby :0 i love you still
  19. coffeejunky @ coffeejunky:
    Womb, you legend!
  20. Wombatus @ Wombatus:
    8 years, really, hello there ^^
  21. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    when you go to boxland, you are going to a different server. I'm guessing this is what you mean? In that case, yes.
  22. toxic_cow @ toxic_cow:
    Noticed it makes me login everytime i change worlds. is this on purpose?
  23. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Please take a look at the top announcement. We are dealing with some map corruption and could use a hand determining the extent of the problem.
  24. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Hey there Eagle!
  25. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello everyone!