1. Codingale @ Codingale:
    Greetings Mountain
  2. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    Howdy, folks!
  3. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    JooBallz!!! It has been a minute! How have you been?
  4. Miner_Bill @ Miner_Bill:
  5. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello JooBallz!
  6. JooBallz @ JooBallz:
  7. G @ gibland4:
  8. CollinstheClown @ CollinstheClown:
    I ate pasta for dinner
  9. bmlzootown @ bmlzootown:
  10. PD400 @ PD400:
    miss u all <3
  11. RecoveryAngel @ RecoveryAngel:
  12. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Hello again! Hope everyone is doing ok.
  13. P @ pikachu9872:
    Wow.. It's nice to see that this server's still around nearly 10 years later. I think about this place a lot. Lots of love to you all. <3
  14. Supermario75 @ Supermario75:
    just checked my wallet today and found i had .003 btc which is still some nice change
  15. coltstrgj @ coltstrgj:
    oof. I forgot about the bitcoin thing. Looks like my wallet has 0.02197473 BTC. I'll add that to the 150 I lost when I formatted the drive on the machine I was using to CPU mine back in the day.
  16. coltstrgj @ coltstrgj:
    I came back to check if the server was still around. Nice to see you if anybody remembers me, haha.
  17. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    I scarceness to buy such a cat!
  18. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
    if you want one pre built the Omen looks pretty good
  19. JakeyPaul @ JakeyPaul:
    Hey guys you probably don't remember me but I'm trying to buy a PC and i dont know what to get if yall know anything about buying one please lmk
  20. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
    thats great to hear cranky
  21. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    When I first started I had 8 BTC. Lost my digital wallet when I upgraded my hard drive. I just pulled the old hard drive off my shelf and was looking for something else when I found my wallet backup. Logged into my wallet and couldn't be happier. Cashed out 4 of the 8 BTC I had the other day. Bying new toys....
  22. Codingale @ Codingale:
    I spent what was about $60 of BTC in 2013 to buy some game off newegg, now that BTC is about 400 times more valuable.
  23. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
    dont beat yourself up too much Dr. a lot of us are feelin stupid now
  24. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
    So for whatever reason I literally never bothered to follow up on the btc program we used to do. The address I gave was hardware linked and that hardware is gone forever.... that account has 5k in it. I hate myself so much right now.
  25. Wombatus @ Wombatus:
    Caca prout !