1. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
    Howdy Sgt
  2. SgtSpike @ SgtSpike:
  3. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
    I hope my sword from 2012 is still in that chest command :unsure:
  4. Miner_Bill @ Miner_Bill:
    Hey crankypapa, MajorWumpus helped me migrate my bank into in-game chests. This was necessary due to a version update that broke the bank plugin. I don't know if he's been around lately, but you might shoot him a message.
  5. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    With the new changes to Minecraft accounts becoming Microsoft accounts, will that affect us where our UUID changes? Like losing our inventories, etc. FYI - Still no one has answered my cry to help about losing my bank in the forums nor the ticket I created several months back.
  6. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    @MsRowdyRedhead A bit late here as well. Hopefully you are now pain free and pretty much healed up. Sorry to hear about the arm.
  7. Codingale @ Codingale:
    I know I'm late but wish you well also!
  8. MrTitan9 @ MrTitan9:
    Hope you heal
  9. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee:
    I hope you heal MsRR
  10. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    Wow... Prayers for you, MsRRowdyRedhead!
  11. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
  12. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Something happend to my bank. It is empty? Help!
  13. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Well, power is finally back on... hope everyone is keeping warm!!
  14. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Is there anybody out there?
  15. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thank you for sharing 2020 with me. It's been an amazing and astounding year! Each and everyone of you are a part of my cozy neighborhood. I am looking forward to creating many more memories, sharing hopes and dreams in 2021 Wishing you health, happiness, peace, love, and harmony.
  16. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Happy New Year! Any idea as to when my public warp application will be looked at?
  17. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Merry Christmas!!! Tidings of Comfort & Joy!
  18. PD400 @ PD400:
    Just got my 9 year one which is crazy to me. Glad im starting to reconnect with everyone :)
  19. Hudy @ Hudy:
    I'm a month from mine :redface:
  20. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
    I just got a 10 year trophy, thats crazy.
  21. DrMadFellow @ DrMadFellow:
  22. Stevie3939 @ Stevie3939:
  23. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    Server is hooked up to gigabit fiber connection now so... yay...
  24. bmlzootown @ bmlzootown:
    pew pew
  25. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thank You!