1.0.0 Changelog


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For those who are interested, here's everything that has changed in 1.0.0.

Fixes & Changes:
  • New achievements
  • Amount of Experience Orbs dropped by a player on death now limited.
  • The ability of Endermen to carry blocks reduced in some way.
  • New Monster Spawner texture.
  • Ghast fireballs have a different texture.
  • On death, a proper score is given based on how many experience orbs the player has collected.
  • When flowing lava hits a water source directly from above, it creates Stone where previously the lava would flow through the water.
  • You can toggle between three states when pressing F5 (first person, third person back, third person front), having the addition of 3rd person view from the front.
  • Ender Pearls have a unique ability. When thrown, the player will teleport to the Ender Pearl's impact location, but take 2 and 1/2 hearts of fall damage. They will not work in Creative.
  • Golden Apples now glow purple in inventory.
  • Fences no longer block you from moving onto their space. You can now stand next to them, like you can with glass panes and iron bars.
    • They will also connect to solid blocks.
  • There is a slight delay between jumps when holding down the jump button, so that the player no longer bounces between ceiling and floor in two-block-high spaces.
  • Labels for items have a blue border.
  • Random loot chests in Strongholds.
  • Blocking now moves the player's arm, rather than the sword just floating right in front of the player.
  • Weapon and tool damage has been nerfed to make space for the increased damage enchantments (Diamond swords do 3.5 hearts now instead of 5).
  • Some mob health has been changed (Sheep, Spiders, Zombies)
  • Redstone Ore can now be mined much, much faster. It can be mined faster than coal ore and iron ore and is about the same speed mining as stone.
New Features:


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Yay its finally out! now to play some other boring beta till it gets release and the cycle continues :p