1.13 Upgrade Approaching

Discussion in 'Archive' started by MajorWumpus, Apr 25, 2019.

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    So what is going to happen?

    We look to be a matter of days from the launch of the new server.
    The 1.13 server will start with build, survival, and resource worlds, and some pretty fun arena games.
    Shortly after launch we will be moving over the other worlds that are migrating, as well as the existing build and survival worlds for projects and transferring builds.

    As a player, what does this mean for you and your stuff?

    All players currently have access to bottomless chests (will revert to a VIP perk some time after the transition).
    Use this to store any materials you want to carry over to the new server.

    Vaults will transition over, and VIP and above will have a short period of time to finish clearing them out.
    Eventually the vaults world will be removed, so plan to move anything you want to keep.

    If you have builds that you want to move from build or survival, leave them where they are.
    DO NOT remove warps or homes you have at those locations, or we may not be able to find them.
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    Woohoo! Let's jump and dance!
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