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    There are a lot of moving parts to the upcoming upgrade to 1.13 on the server. This is a general overview of what is going to happen and when. I'll start with a brief summary, then go into more detail below.


    Hardcore and Flatlands are being removed. Projects has already been removed.
    Build, Resource and Survival are being reset.
    The versions of build and survival worlds that will be available for download have been archived.
    A public works world (overworld, nether and end) will be added for public farms and group builds to persist.
    Everyone will have access to bottomless chests during the transition and for a limited time afterward.
    There will be a process for players to save important, non-trivial builds and have them migrated to the new maps. See below.



    Hardcore and Flatlands worlds will be removed, along with associated plugins.
    Build and Survival worlds have been backed up (including Nether and End). These are what will be available for download, so any additions from this point on will not persist. Feel free to break down anything of yours in these worlds you wish to preserve.


    Default users will be given access to bottomless chest (/chest).

    (this will get pushed back if the plugins are not ready)

    Take builds, survivals, resources offline. (build and survival worlds already saved and will be available for download)
    Survival overworld, nether, and end used as basis for new public works worlds with limited access
    New maps for builds, survivals, resources
    unchanged: ASkyblock+Nether, Clans+Nether+End, spheres, lobby, boxland, vaults, games, shops, mod, creative

    2 weeks after new maps added
    Default players lose access to /chest (contents, if any still there, are not lost)

    1 month after new maps added
    Vaults world no longer accessible by non-staff.

    ASAP after upgrade finished
    Evaluate Clans and Skyblock, possible changes to maps and/or plugins. User input will be requested in a separate thread.

    (This timeline assumes that a stable 1.13 and all associated plugins will be ready by Oct. 1. This seems like a safe assumption, but if not then it is subject to change.)

    Migrating Builds

    We know... you spent a year working on something, it's huge, it's maybe not even done, and you will cry over losing it. We get it. So we have two options for moving builds in the current build and survival worlds to the new 1.13 worlds.


    If you have a farm you made that is very useful, whether or not it's huge or complicated, apply to make it a public warp and if approved we will move it to the appropriate public works world.

    Important Builds
    There are some builds that people put a lot of time and effort into, either complete or not yet complete. Submit a request for review and if approved we will copy the build into the new worlds. It will have to be away from spawn and somewhere that it fits in with the new terrain. If you aren't certain if your build qualifies, ask.
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