1.8 Temporary Server


Retired Administrator

The server has been updated to Minecraft 1.8. We will remain on a temporary map until our software is completely and safely updated. This could take a few days to a few weeks. Do not bug me in-game or in the shoutbox about when it will be updated, it will happen when it happens!


A grisled PvPer
I meant, literally, a pool of XP orbs. They swarm you so bad that FPS drops to a standstill (making movement impossible) and it actually clouds your vision so that you have to go into 3rd person to see. It makes the killer their own greatest threat!


A grisled PvPer
Wow. I think I might stay away until the XP orb lag is fixed. Killing someone with max xp results in me freezing in place unable to move for 15 seconds. Not too comfortable with that, haha.


Retired Melon
Maybe we could all just be nice and not lag the entire server by killing people who have been alive for 6+ hours :p

Yeah, didn't think so.