1 Stack Of Bones For 1 Stack Of Cobble


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Yes title is right.
You give me 1 stack of cobble you get 1 stack of bones. No hassle!

I sell 1 stack of arrows for 1 stack of cobble also.

I will sell 1 stack of wool for 5 stacks of cobble.

This offer only in [Build] , [Survival] , [Nether].

Post here to make a shipment.
Or just ask me in-game.


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i dont know if a stack of cobble for a stack of bones is much of a fair trade. After all its hard to get bones =/


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Its not trading its Bartering. Each party has vested interest in the other resource, how much either party wants that particular item indicates the asking price of that item. Plus, this thread is over a year old.