1v1 on the Proving Grounds Map


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anyone up for it, me vs you, if you win, you get prestige that you beat me :D

PS: For those of you that havn't seen me, i have 2.5k games experience with almost (if not already) 1.5k wins.


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What is this "proving grounds" thing I keep hearing so much about?
A really annoying map; it's the training map where it's a just one long lane where you can't recall to heal or buy items unless you die.

I honestly prefer 1v1's on TT or SR, but heck I'll sign up anyways.


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Stary and I did the 1v1.
First Match
Stary Random Locked - Xin
I Random Locked - Nasus
Anyone who plays league can guess how that turned out, I got First Blood, continued to farm till 9k gold before Stary killed me, I returned with items where I just facerolled her. I ended up winning.

Second Match
Stary Random Locked - Poppy
I Random Locked - Nidalee
This game, I'll admit, Stary started off very strong, and I struggled to maintain my range advantage on her. However after the first kill it seemed like Stary gave up a little and became less agressive, but still hard to push away. I ended up winning due to Stary D/C'in as I was destroying the inhibitor.

What's your username?
My username is Nogo1109, I main junglers and AD carries :D