1v1 on the Proving Grounds Map

Discussion in 'League Of Legends' started by nogo1109, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. nogo1109

    nogo1109 Active Member

    anyone up for it, me vs you, if you win, you get prestige that you beat me :D

    PS: For those of you that havn't seen me, i have 2.5k games experience with almost (if not already) 1.5k wins.
  2. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

    What's your username?
  3. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    What is this "proving grounds" thing I keep hearing so much about?
  4. Hudy

    Hudy Annoying 13 year old.

    A really annoying map; it's the training map where it's a just one long lane where you can't recall to heal or buy items unless you die.

    I honestly prefer 1v1's on TT or SR, but heck I'll sign up anyways.
  5. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

    I will :sneaky:
  6. rampaging13

    rampaging13 Active Member

    I challenge you to fisticuffs Sir Blood!
  7. flame9156

    flame9156 \_ <-----The Seat

    I feel like we just made a tournament...
  8. nogo1109

    nogo1109 Active Member

    Stary and I did the 1v1.
    First Match
    Stary Random Locked - Xin
    I Random Locked - Nasus
    Anyone who plays league can guess how that turned out, I got First Blood, continued to farm till 9k gold before Stary killed me, I returned with items where I just facerolled her. I ended up winning.

    Second Match
    Stary Random Locked - Poppy
    I Random Locked - Nidalee
    This game, I'll admit, Stary started off very strong, and I struggled to maintain my range advantage on her. However after the first kill it seemed like Stary gave up a little and became less agressive, but still hard to push away. I ended up winning due to Stary D/C'in as I was destroying the inhibitor.

    My username is Nogo1109, I main junglers and AD carries :D
  9. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

    Yeah, I gave up.. :confused:

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