2 BTC BitcoinForum.net Promotion


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2 BTC BitcoinForum.net Promotion

The Basics:
If you make a non-spam post on www.bitcoinforums.net sometime this month (August), you will automatically be eligible for a randomly-given prize of 2 BTC. Multiple posts will give you multiple entries into the drawing. This is a promotion to help get more people using the bitcoinforums.net forum.

No spammy posts!
Multiple posts DO help your chances (you'll have one "ticket" in the drawing for each post you make), but I do NOT want to see posts that are made just for the sake of making posts. Add something constructive to the discussion, or start a new discussion. Introduction threads are ok. Just nothing like a post that just says "Hi.", or a post that is duplicated in multiple places. And try to limit simple posts that add nothing to the discussion, such as "+1", "This." or "I agree". I won't make small quantities of those sort of posts against the rules, but please limit your use of them.

Any post made between 8/1/11 12:00AM server time and 8/31/11 11:59PM server time is eligible for the drawing. By 9/7/2011, a query will be run on the postings database, and all posts will be numbered in the sequence they appear in that query. A random number will be generated via random.org, between 1 and the total number of posts. Whichever post's sequence number matches with the random number wins. If the random number falls on a post made by SgtSpike, a redraw will commence until a person not named SgtSpike wins.

Also, if anyone has a good idea of a way for me to broadcast this drawing while it happens (to avoid any disputes of unfairness or favoritism), I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll just deal with the disputes.