2. idears


The Cyber-Hillbilly
ive got two idears to improve the server :D
1. a "spawn" area in the nether would be nice, yet also a challange.
2. this may be a BIT to mutch to ask for but okay... maby if admins vere allowed to teleport non-vip's to vip's on the vip's request. its mostly a persnal problem since that ive got 3 mates of mine to join the server and my base is a LONG way from spawn. thanks for reading :D


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Hi Aportex, thanks for the suggestions.

1. We cannot protect the Nether area from PvP, so a spawn area on the PvP server is out, as it would give people a false sense of security (thinking they couldn't get hit in the nether). We could "pretty up" the spawn area on the build server though.
2. I get asked about this a lot. The main reason for not TPing non-VIP's is that it could introduce griefing into traditionally "safe" areas. We created several VIP-only towns, knowing that VIP's will not grief since they are invested in the server. These towns are very far away, so that no one could walk to it (or if anyone did spend the 30+ hours to walk to it, they would hopefully have enough invested in the server at that point that they wouldn't throw it all away to be banned). Even if you just want someone to be TP'd to your own home or base, it could be fairly close to someone else's home, base, or town that they thought was completely safe from being griefed.