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so i left for black ops until now, im folding a few things, and im running a virus scan. so i decided to jump on minecraft. i've been away from this server for about a month. i come back to start digging, and i find im being questioned because i have too much iron and mossy cobblestone, for some reason it let me keep my stuff, but im no longer a vip (i thought it was a new map). took five minutes of talking to oliverw92 to work it out. then i do a /home to get out of my hole, find it isn't a new map, and there are penises every where on my old house.


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Sounds like you had a rough go of it. :)

We're really cracking down on hackers/dupers, so that's probably why you were questioned. We also lost some of the recently added VIPs off the list about a month ago, so that's probably why you were no longer VIP. I'll have to add you back, but can only do it when you're online, so I'll look for you.

Also, when you are online, show me your house - we may be able to tell who griefed it.