A minor greif


The Cyber-Hillbilly
hello once again
for ca. 10-15 minuits ago a player called valdemar120
were looking around in my town. When he left he got killed by a creeper, who did not only destroy him but also part of my wall.
now this wouldent have annoyed me if he would have just anserwed my request (i asked him to rapair it) yet he dident anserw.

of cours he could have lagged or simply dident see my message.

im not trying to get valdemar banned i just want the mod team to give him a warning.

since he isent going to fix the wall ill have to do it myself.

good day to you all.


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
Plus it's not like he went along with TnT and did it. A creeper exploded on survival. Welcome to the Jungle aportex


The Cyber-Hillbilly
i werent talking about the explotion it self i was talking about the fact that he didet reply.
once again that may not have been he's fault.