A road unwalked, and a highway unread.


Retired Melon
So, it was really early in the morning once (like 2AM) and I decided I would write a weird poem on the wall down one of the roads from the spawn in Build. I don't really know what direction it's in, but it's in the first tunnel on the road. I've written a few more since then and placed a sign describing the area as The Poet's Highway. I doubt many people (if any) have noticed them, but I invite you all to write weird things on the walls of the Poet's Highway in hopes that someone will be utterly confused and at least a little interested. If you do decide to be weird like me and write something, try not to be too controversial or anything, and if you are then at least make it a vaguely hidden meaning (such as my most recent "Mischief Of Demons"). You can put your username on it or be anonymous, whichever suits your fancy. (or you can put someone else's name under it as a joke, but let's not act like children ;))