Some would call me Tim
As it just so happens, I was able to take some photos on a separate occasion. I have a PW set that I haven't visited since we still had mobs on build. When I warped there a week or so ago, I was met with this:



So yeah, Skeleton (burning) on build.

Also, I was walking around Old Spawn one day and saw something on the corner of my screen. I barely had time to F1+F2 before it got away, so sorry, the photo is rather blurry:



One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
Pics or it didn't happen.
Lawl. *One day a woman walks into police station. "I've just been robbed and my grandmother's valuble heirlooms were taken!!!" "Did you take any pictures of the robbery?" asks the police man, i mean officer ;). "What? No how would I..... why would I...... What???" (at this point the woman is very confused and distrought). "Well sorry lady", says the Police man officer, "if you took no pictures then I can't help you sorry. There is no way to prove that you were robbed or even owned what you claim to have been stolen and so acccrding to the new laws written by PD400 the newest troll the future mod I don't need to care". At this point in time the woman brakes down and begins to sob about her poor Grandmother's jewels. She is soon arrested for being a public disterbance. The police man officer took pictures to prove it. The Moral of the story is: PD400 makes a good troll and probably a good police man officer. Also, always carry a camera.


Some would call me Tim
Was following the markers for what was going to be the future expansion if I-95, when I spotted something unsettling in the distance.2011-06-23_23.21.21.png2011-06-23_23.21.22.png

I fear they're leaking over from Survival and Spheres. Soon, we shall be over run.