A well over-due howdy


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Hey everyone, most people call me Dunk. I first got on this server back in Alpha 1.2. When I joined the big thing was CobbleTown, a city 8 minutes or so down the East Road. I was big into tunneling at the time, so I provided some 6k cobble to the creation of it. AlexShortful was heading up that project, though he eventually got a new account as 'rrain' before he stopped playing altogether. Things were pretty quiet back then and I eventually left as well but I came back on once Beta was out. Things had changed a lot when I got back. World gates came for PvP and Build then new worlds were added. The Nether gate got taken out but it was fun to go swimming there (no damage in the nether). Mobs got put in so that some new-comer named W8in could make a grinder :p. I guess that must have been before survival world was added. I remember seeing the tree for the first time and I didn't know what it was for. I used do a few shenanigans with FrothingLuck and W8in back in the day. I used to work with Laurent and LakeNanners from time to time as well. That was before W8in left, came back, then became a mod.

I've become pretty well acquainted with the various mods and server regulars over time. To show me a more sophisticated combination lock design, Jacca brought me to his redstone circuit in a giant circular castle. I've asked around and mentioned the coords to a few other mods but nobody knows about it. It makes me wonder if he built it all himself.

In more recent times, I've managed to get Builder class for the 66x66x20 house I have in build (one of the rooms has a smaller house that I made as a joke for W8in). I have a tendency to create strange and artistic things, namely a few poems down one of the roads in the (now old) Build map and a sort of 'picture book' thing called Sombre in Creative. I also created a creepy room called Ward 2 to freak out anyone who went snooping through my house and got caught in it. But anyway, we're on the Temp map now. These days my builder class restricts me from using any server commands, which makes the game much more interesting. As a result, I don't have an actual house, but I do still make large amounts of watermelon to give away at spawn.

Today DrMadFellow killed me because he though the skin I made to look like chainmail armor was real, and he didn't believe me when I told him the truth. The guys in Mumble had a good laugh at it.

I'm not VIP now and I might never be. I rather liked my 'Unworthy' class as I referred it to w8in, but Builder is all good fun as well. I like this server. I've supplied tens of thousands of blocks for projects all over the map. I've been the test target for a tnt cannon on Build. I even lent several gold blocks for someone's attempt at summoning Herobrine on my roof (don't remember who that was).

Well, that's basically me on this server. I think I've become a rather well known player, and I have a circle of friends in the server that I team up with sometimes. If you ever need anything on the server I'll probably give it to you. I've been known to trade just about anything for gold as well :p

So after all of this stuff, I would like to formally say: "Hello. I'm Dunkeroni."


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PD the builder status is unnecessary with the temp world i am sure we still have it but, until the server is updated its not because its pretty much useless.


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Nice intro, that was fun to read. :) And, well, we're glad to have you here!


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Good to finally see your intro dunk, I'll have to check out your build creation when the maps are back. Don't know how I missed it really. Welcome to the server^


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Wow... finally I feel like a legend on this server... I've been mentioned multiple times now in introduction posts. I remember when you started playing Dunkeroni. You came on like literally 3 weeks after me... right when I went from being nice guy new player to rebel without a cause...


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As a side note, why hasn't the problem with your builder status been fixed?
Really the way to fix it is to just temporarily remove it. I don't really care about retaining my builder class for now (the name isn't even gray on temp), but being forced to play the game as a pacifist/nomad adds a sort of... chaotic-8-bit-pant-wetting feel to the game :p
I like it. I posted a thread called "Chaos Mode, [something about builders, don't remember what]" talking about it and recommending that other people try it.


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Trouble is the plugin that sets the permissions for builders is not installed so we can/t remove the creative builder rank that way. It could probably be done manually by Oli, hehe.


Well...other people in the same situation might, so I think it's something that WILL be fixed once Oli gets around to it, Dunk. You aren't the only non-VIP Builder...:p


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Well...other people in the same situation might, so I think it's something that WILL be fixed once Oli gets around to it, Dunk. You aren't the only non-VIP Builder...:p
no gateship is on aswell
I know, and last time I saw gateship on he decided to join me in my nomadic escapades. Other than him I don't think I've met any Builders that are still non-VIP. They probably live in a very different time zone. Anyway, I'll probably play much the same way even if it does get fixed.