Abominatiion's Ban Appeal


New Member
Okay, i was banned for a very stupid reason, it didn't say so when they did ban me. That was like a long time ago, but it just said iv'e been banned from this server minecraft.cc:23456 and i believe it is just because i was friends with a griefer at the free build server...... and yeah kinda lame, so yeah, i just want to get unbanned cause i really like the community . So hopefully, i will get unbanned, Thank you for your time reading this.


Staff member
Abominatiion, Thanks for your ban appeal. The moderators /administrators will look over your appeal and get back to you when we have reached a decision. In the meantime please keep checking back here incase we have questions for you regarding this appeal.


Retired Plugin Admin
The moderator team has reached a decision and we've decided that you will be not be unbanned. The grief that you and all your friends had done required a good deal of cleaning from the Admins and a few other moderators.

Good luck finding a server that better fits you and thank you for stopping by our server and checking it out.
Have a good day.