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Jan 1, 1994 (Age: 17)​
Hello.. WEll i guess I write about myself here. So let's get FUNKY(lol) And get down to it. XD I like Minecraft, my account is Slyntch. I go on my friends servers a lot and on Minecraftcc (of course).I'm a male alien coming from Mars. I was born in Kepler20e but moved to Mars 8 years ago.I'm a giant nerd and geek -Period. I'm a tiny bit Hipster(Well not now, because Hipsters will never admit they are Hipsters).I play Basketball,Hockey,Baseball and some Football.


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Hello! I look forward to getting to know you better but I am not to sure about getting "funky" and "down to it". I also happen to like Minecraft which is why I play it, my account is NZ_Forever, I am too obsessed with Minecraftcc to go on my friends server. I am a certain gendered human from New Zealand, Earth. I was born with a Human name and have never left the country or the planet for I have no desire to leave this haven. I am a sci-fi "nerd" and also enjoy fantasy. I hate hipsters because they call themselves hipsters and like obnoxious music. I play rugby and casual football (the normal one). I also use as much proper grammar, spelling and sensible fonts as possible unlike an increasing number of people. When you leave your dream world on Mars, I'll be waiting here on Earth to talk to you. I hope you enjoy your time on this wonderful server.
Yours sincerely, NZ_Forever.