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I would like to report jacca, because i was putting a sign on my tree, in my base, where nobody else looks, and instead of writing tree of sticks, i accidentally wrote tree of dicks, and jacca was abusing his powers, and he froze me and he didn't give me a chance to correct the sign. He threatened me, and made me feel small. I think he should lose his admin status at least.


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Its a little hard to mistype sticks that way. Regardless as being a moderator we have to correct people when they make mistakes, deliberate or not, i'm sure he wasn't intending to make you feel belittled. I'm sorry you felt that way and we will take what we learned here and apply it more in minecraftcc, thank you for bringing this up.


I will point out that marleymeredith has had "problems" with moderators before. Yesterday, when reprimanded by vacantskull for disrespect, marley demanded an apology from vacant and several times told him to "calm down" when vacant was telling him/her that disrespect was unnacceptable. Marley was very nearly banned by alost for disrespect, and hardly acknowledged that they were in the wrong, instead telling anyone that reprimanded them to calm down.

This seems to be a case of a problem with authority.


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i made a joke, and vacant was telling me that i was going to be banned. He clearly over reacted. I don't have a problem with authority, i have a problem with authority being used to threaten, and abused. do you have a picture of the text?


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What do you mean, he didn't give you a chance to correct the sign? You weren't banned, were you? Also, what exactly did Jacca say that "made you feel small"? Did you take a screenshot?

We get so many people on the server who are outright liars, and try to cover up their tracks. It's no surprise that Jacca probably thought you were one of them - someone with the intention of breaking server rules without getting caught doing it. For that reason, you were frozen and given a refresher of the rules.


he wouldn't let me correct it because i was frozen. he kept me frozen for like 10 minutes
Perhaps a log check is in order, because this seems unlikely. Unless of course you weren't cooperating with Jacca, which could draw it out.

Marley, just so you know, I have nothing against you. I just want to make sure that the full story is seen by all parties.


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63535910 2011-07-26 00:04:11 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    its a texture pack where i can see chests, diamonds, water and lava
63535846 2011-07-26 00:03:48 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    i cant find the chest
63535837 2011-07-26 00:03:41 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    i got my seethru on

63531827 2011-07-25 23:43:39 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4  i just found 32 diamonds since the server rolled back!

63531959 2011-07-25 23:44:29 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    wow you would....
63531930 2011-07-25 23:44:20 Jacca Chat creative1    Nope.
63531911 2011-07-25 23:44:15 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    if i report the rollback in the forums will my items be replaced?
63531869 2011-07-25 23:43:51 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    i demand satisfaction

63350440 2011-07-25 20:37:49 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4    iv got my diaond finding texture pack so i cant see anything

63182723 2011-07-25 17:31:06 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4 -398.4,70,293.3 i was working on my house, and i made a typo, and he froze me for like 10 minutes
63182030 2011-07-25 17:30:24 MarleyMeredith Chat pvp4 -407.2,67,305.8 i want to report vacant for being annoying, and jacca for abusing his powers
Is there something else you might like to tell us, Marley? Yeah, you just shot yourself in the foot by incorrectly complaining about one of my moderators. Don't play 'Mr Innocent' when you are knowingly lying to my face. You are a deceitful person who is trying to get other people in trouble whilst openly breaking our server rules. Have fun with your ban.


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Hacking includes x-ray hacking. A transparent texture pack pretty much the same as x-ray hacking. Answer me this, would you use an x-ray hack on our server?

Further more, you were caught fly hacking on our server before, so don't pretend you don't know that a transparent texture pack is the same thing as x-ray hacking.


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just wanted to add several things. looking up the logs on that day jacca only froze you for 4 seconds it appears. If you were actually frozen for longer then it was a glitch, and we need to look into why it happened.

559393342011-07-15 18:32:08JaccaCommandpvp4/freeze marley
559393452011-07-15 18:32:12JaccaCommandpvp4/unfreeze marley

and the fact that you made a image of a penis just a few hours before you made a sign that said "tree of dicks" on it(which would require you to mistype AND leave out a letter) seems to put you in a "lawl, i said penis" state of mind, making us doubt the honesty of your statement that it was on accident.

553337142011-07-15 00:46:27JaccaChatpvp4Can one of you from Creepy remove this penis sculture?
553337292011-07-15 00:46:31JaccaChatpvp4Bye Marley
553338402011-07-15 00:47:00JaccaChatpvp4That's definitely some sort of "tower".
553338882011-07-15 00:47:14JaccaChatpvp4But yes, remove that.
553345522011-07-15 00:49:56MarleyMeredithChatpvp4jacca i made it politically correct
553348662011-07-15 00:51:13MarleyMeredithChatpvp4now its an upside down t


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Which part of your whole story weren't you lying about? People like you are why the mods trust nobody they do not know well. I like how you come in here blatantly lying to us and then asking us to ban a moderator. Epic fail Marley....epic fail.


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Which part of your whole story weren't you lying about? People like you are why the mods trust nobody they do not know well. I like how you come in here blatantly lying to us and then asking us to ban a moderator. Epic fail Marley....epic fail.
Here Here.
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