Aisselle & The North Road - "witty subtext goes here"


Some would call me Tim


This gentle crafters, is the survival city of Aisselle. Located 8 Mc days walk north of Spawn, it is a walled 138x138 city "where the mobs don't spawn, it never rains, and free diamonds are given away daily by a jovial Herobrine*"


Located at roof level is my totally patented rain-stopper->9000, a wall of protective glass that prevents evil lag rain from ever touching the young, hip denizens of this town. Take that, Notch!


All walls have walkways within, with a free mine and arrow spawner located in the NE tower**


Housing is free, so come one, come all! (except griefers, you guys are jerks***)

*Your results may vary
**No really, we have both.

***Why are you reading these? Fine. By reading this subtext, you've entered into a contract to give WakiMikoArck 10 free diamonds every time he logs on

In existence since the very first day of the survival map, is the North road, which currently runs 8.5k and (for the moment) ends at Aisselle. Established because the glorious and esteemed WakiMikoArck "just wanted a road that passed through a walled city" it is free of use to all patrons.


The North Road is open for expansion in all directions, just so long as:

1: You don't attempt to divert the road where it has already been placed (Cough cough survcity hack wheeze)

2: Please please PLEASE repair the road if it has been damaged by a creeper explosion. Better yet, don't even walk on it at night. If it gets damaged by a wayward creeper because you weren't paying attention, it is YOUR fault! Please repair it! Cobble-halfsteps are so ridiculously easy to make, it's an embarrassment if you don't take the time!

3: Have fun out there!


Some would call me Tim

Are you tired of random creepers wandering in through the front gates? Well, not anymore! With my (totally not patented) creeper gate 1.0, they'll be stopped burning in their tracks!


Here is the floor of the creeper gate 1.0 when deactivated.

And with the flip of a switch...


We get this! No more creepers! No more noobs! No more mobs! No more telemarketers!
The creeper gate 1.0 is activated. And the best part? It automatically resets everytime you flip the switch. Throw your friends in! You'll have a barrel of laughs!

This message is endorsed but not paid for in any way by WakiMikoArck. Seriously, nobody paid me for this. Didn't even try to bribe me. I wonder why? I accept bribes...


Your creeper gate is a murderer. I was taking a lovely swim in the lava, when all of a sudden I die! This gate needs some training, or might be euthanized!