Another Set World in the Atrium


Annoying 13 year old.
I was thinking about this world for a bit now. Why don't we add a creative world where there's /give commands. I know it's straying away from the "vanilla" feel but I think if you give us the right tools we can build some pretty amazing stuff. Or if you're afraid of the griefing, disable some of the griefing items, flint and steel, tnt, etc. Or make it that it's and a VIP only perk so you have to be at least VIP to join.

Please discuss this idea and see whether you like idea.


Server Moderator
Wouldn't want to see this happen because at the end of the day given the choice between working for materials and using /give most people will go for the easy option sadly. That means build would be pretty much defunct. I know for sure that a large proportion of our community joined because we didn't have /give. Also I find that I get bored of servers with /give enabled very quickly.
Secondly it would make our rules very confusing, as it is we say we have no /give or /kits, if we start explaining it in more detail it will get even more confusing for new users.