Another tomb ;D


I like to make tombs for afk, not to mean though like something made of obsidian walls 30 blocks thick, here it is just made of wood planks 1 block thick with a bit of decoration. I make them fairly often and here is just one I did now: :p



Here's the one I use:

kart8305 said:
2) Zan's Minimap: Zan's map is actually a variant of MrMessiah's original map. This gives you a basic bird's eye view of the surface of the earth with no x-ray capability, nor does it show mobs or other players. You also get the ability to set waypoints to make it easier to navigate cross country. You cannot warp to waypoints; the map just shows you where they are. You can set a waypoint at your current position, or you can manually type the coords which is handy if a friend /msg's you the location of some secret spot.

Thanks to kart, It is legal as It doesn't help to find hidden places, just helps you know where you are. Really great minimap with a cool menu you access using m and zoom options you acess using z.
The minecraft forums currently seem to be switching servers so the link doesn't work yet, once they are done I assume they will make those old links re-direct you :)


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thats awesome. they come back from eating dinner to find a very small and very dark room around them.

and yea. zan's mod is a great map. shows you the lay of the land but doesnt cheat in any way like some other mini maps do.