Are you...

Are you in a relationship or single?

  • Single

    Votes: 23 60.5%
  • Relationship

    Votes: 15 39.5%

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haha, It's complicated.. I had been in that one for a few years.. 3000 miles apart leaves you wondering where the relationship is. Was worth the complication, but im glad thats over. complication led to being engaged, weird how it worked.


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sorry guys can't date yet and, quite frankly, i don't want to either. who wants an ex at the beginning of high school? i sure don't.


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Sgt you should re-make this poll and add talking to someone, its complicated, I'm going to stay single to the day I die or till a girl looks at me. I hope you guys enjoy!! :p


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Single as always i had one girlfriend it lasted 6 months so before that none and now a year later nothing


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Cant date? What???
I couldn't date til I was 18. Parent's rules.

Really though, it's a good idea. Gives you a chance to really get to know people of the other gender on a friend level. Dating can be so fake at times, so getting to know who a person really is beforehand can be genius.

FWIW, I got married when I was 20. It was a short dating period. :p I already knew who I wanted to date when I turned 18, and ended up marrying the same girl.


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see it takes some people no effort i didnt date until i was 18
:mad:^me being jelly and mud