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I've seen buildings, I've made buildings, I've seen other people make buildings, and I've been blown up in the buildings that other people have made. So when I got my builder's license I decided that the first thing I would make would not be a building. Instead it was 4 buildings.
I like artsy things in Minecraft. I decided that I would make a picture book of sorts by creating the same house four times, progressively older every time. I made a large flat area and named the site Sombre.

After I finished Sombre, I built a staircase out of staircases out of staircases... out of staircases... whatever. I don't know how many levels it went through. Basically I formed 1 large staircase out of 6 staircase blocks (in the same pattern that every stair block is formed by 6 1/8th blocks) and I made those large stairs into larger stairs. Following the pattern a few times, I looked at it from the side and noticed it was a Sierpinski triangle. Not exactly what I expected, but I thought it was cool.
Anyway, if anyone else has something to contribute that isn't just a giant blue-wool-and-ice building, then feel free to build around there. I can show you the place if you find me online.


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Reminds me of fractals:

Its the same repeating pattern that makes up most of life. Nothing could happen without fractals. Very interesting.


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Well, there are many fractal geometric formations that make up molecular and organic structures. The Sierpinski triangle is on of the most basic ones, and I was just surprised because, though I did intend to make a fractal staircase, I didn't really think it through.