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Ok Athens is the official Greek-style island. Until the main city structure is sorted out people shouldn't start building individual buildings yet. Anyone is welcome to help. Please let me know if you plan to work on the island though.

Current people working on Athens
  • oliverw92
  • coffeejunky
  • lilblake7005
  • ultimateironman
Projects in progress/to do


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We should use this for athens centre inspiration:

Spawning would be inside the dome building


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Just drawn up that rough layout:
  • Solid yellow is the bridge that connects athens to pompeii
  • Light yellow is paths/open area
  • Red is the spawn dome building
  • Blue is a tunnel going through that hill


A l'aise Breizh
You must do the Acropole !

There is three principal temples on it, the Parthenon (the big one), l'Erechtheion, and of course the temple of Athena, godess of the war and other stuffs. You don't have to do all the other buildings but I guess the Theatre of Dionysos is an obligation (I'm myself called a "dionysien" because of my localisation of birth :inlove:, and well, as a french, a God who sits on a barrel of red wine has all my sympathy).