AutoHotKeys script to replace phrases


The god of uselessness.
This is a tiny script i wrote that will automatically replace [whatever] with [whatever you want].

here is the script:

^ just copy and paste that in a notepad document, and change the extension of the file from .txt to .ahk (NOTE: you must have AHK downloaded in order to use this script)

how to use: replace "test" and "ttest" with whatever you want the word to be replaced. for Hudy's example, he would change it to "lmao" and "tlmao" (NOTE: the 2nd one must have a T in front of it. this is because you have to press T to open the Minecraft chat.)
Next: replace "testing" and "testing" with what you want it to be changed to. for Hudy, he would change it to "lol" and "lol".

This results in whenever "lmao" is typed, "lol" will be written instead.