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Babylon is the official Egyptian/Middle Eastern Style island.

Until the main roads are in place people shouldn't start building individual buildings. Anyone is welcome to help, but please let me know here if you are looking to help. Allowed blocks are on display inside the building near the telepad.
  • Lots available near the telepad are restricted by height and style. These should be small, just to fill and give the look of an ancient city.
  • Lots outside the blue gate do not have a height restriction and style is less conservative. If the lot has an "open lot" sign, feel free to build there, Just remember to stick to the allowed blocks.
  • If you have an idea for a large project let me know, post pictures here, and we can find a good spot and level the area if it fits with the city.
  • If you require a custom lot size, let me know here or in game.
Current people working on Babylon
Projects in progress/to do
  • Finishing Temple
  • Lay out basic roads outside Gate
  • Design Port
  • Build many small conservative style buildings around telepad
  • Construct Tomb systems under pyramids(traps/puzzles)
  • Lay outer walls
  • Port entry?


Lamp Post King
anything Important i could do? i'm not too good with big buildings but I can do them, just don't expect wombatus out of me. I can NOT work with redstone or build people/ animal statues eathier. maybe i could help with the port?


Server Moderator
Large addition has been completed to Babylon. Details HERE. Theres been some lag lately with redstone, hoping it gets sorted out with 1.9. Its gotten better since I've had some people turn off their clocks in the area, but if you notice really slow reactions to buttons, just wait and come back later. Its not caused by the challenge itself (no ticking redstone/moving carts) and is better at some points throughout the day.

If you do take on the challenge, be respectful, don't crowd other players. This is meant as a single player at a time challenge, so give them room. Please do not talk about solutions to puzzles in chat, I want it to challenge everyone, so don't ruin it for them. Do not ask how something is done, Its meant to be a challenge, WE WONT HELP YOU.
If you finish the challenge your name and time will be posted in the final chamber, another reason I don't want people getting hints, as it will make the times meaningless. Also, please don't cheat. If you do, don't ask to have your name put up. This means don't fly, give yourself items, or glitch in any way. Also, there is now a chest at the beginning and end of the challenge. Open it when you start, and open the other when you finish, and I can check the logs and get a the time difference for an accurate time. This is now required to have your name posted.