Ban Appeal #2

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New Member im making my 2nd ban appeal topic. The last one got denied. So lets get right to it. I was banned..I know I was banned for griefing. And like in my last topic, I said "I will not do this to further admins". So thats what I meant. This is one of the best servers that I ever played till I decided to be gay and set a house on fire -_-...I know its stupid. So NO I will not do this again..I will respect further admins..And play mine craft the simple way to be play'n in your server. So all im asking for is a 2nd chance.

Jaggar12346 (<<that my name in minecraft)


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Maybe Spike could institute a policy that a 2nd chance requires the $15 donation. A donation seems to completely stem griefing, because you'd have to be an idiot to grief after paying $15.


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Jaggar, if you made a donation to the server to become a VIP, I would unban you. That would show me that you were sufficiently invested into the success of the server to be trusted again. It's not really standard procedure, but I don't see any reason to keep you banned if you decide to invest into the well-being of the server with a donation.

EDIT: I don't really like the idea, as I don't want people thinking that I ban people just to encourage donations, but you have been quite persistant, so I would allow it this one time if you so choose.
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